If you know me, you know that I love my original Tour 360 golf shoes. They are super comfortable, look sharp and leave my feet feeling great even after walking 18 on a hot summer afternoon. I have worn other ‘sport’ style shoes in the past, and have generally been disappointed by one aspect or another. Usually, my socks get wet, and that is the end of my love affair with any particular golf shoe.

Today we will have a look at Adidas Golf’s new Tour360 Sport golf shoe. A sporty styled golf shoe that incorporates a lot of the Tour360 technology into a more athletic looking golf shoe.

Adidas Golf - Tour 360 Sport


  • Protective and breathable, water resistant
  • THiNTech low-profile technology brings you closer to the course than ever before, promoting consistently sold ball-striking through added stability and improved footwork
  • 50/50 Protect technology features a water-resistant TPU shield that surrounds the lower half of the shoe, protecting the foot from wet grass, mud, and debris. The top half of the shoe utilizes lightweight and highly breathable air-mesh for improved temperature management, flexibility, and comfort
  • Split outsole technology with 360WRAP support system allows the upper to surround the midfoot completely, delivering the ultimate in upper stability and a glove-like fit
  • Water-resistant TPU and membrane-lined mesh upper helps keep feet cool and dry
  • 3D FitFOAMâ„¢ sockliner for exceptional support, comfort, and a customized fit
  • Powerband Chassis delivers extraordinary lateral stability and the leverage needed to generate power from the ground up
  • Split outsole Tour Platform with 10-cleat Traxion® configuration features tapered, kidney-shaped lugs that hold firmly and prevent slippage in all types of grass and conditions while remaining green-friendly
  • Clog-resistant TPU outsole with DTAC cleats for grip, stability and comfort
  • Performance Last for precise fit, superior performance, and contemporary shape
  • adiTUFFâ„¢ abrasion-resistant toe guard

Look and Feel

The Tour360 Sport golf shoes have a bit of a athletic look and feel to them. Rather than a traditional rigid leather golf shoe, the Tour360 Sport is made of a porous material that is both breathable and light. If you prefer something along the lines of a sneaker more than a dress shoe, this shoe will fit your eye well. I find some of the shoes in this category are a little too casual looking, while you could probably get away with wearing a shoe styled like this at the country club.

As you can tell by the pictures, these shoes look quite ‘thin and long’. I’ll get to this later, but these shoes do run a little on the narrow side. I think the black section near the toe of the shoe emphasizes this a bit. They do look real sharp in person though.

Adidas Golf - Tour 360 Sport

When it comes to feel, the foot bed of this shoe is extremely comfortable. Adidas puts a cushy insole, 3D FitFOAM, that really molds to your feet. After walking 18 my feet still felt quite refreshed. The weight of the shoe also helps in that regard.


My first thought with shoes of this style is: how quick are my feet going to get wet? My second thought usually is: how much support will these provide when I am trying to swing on some steep side-hill lie? Lucky for me, I play most of my golf these days at a very hilly golf course that is usually pretty wet. So I had plenty of opportunities to put them to the test!

Since the Tour360 Sport has been designed with this 50/50 water resistant material, the shoe actually stays quite dry under normal conditions. That means, if it’s a little damp out (ie the sprinklers have been running or there is some dew on the grass in the morning) your feet do, in fact, stay quite dry. Now, I would not go out on a rainy day with these shoes, your feet will get soaked. Basically, the bottom half of the shoe is almost shrink wrapped with some water resistant material, while the top half of the shoe remains breathable. It is actually pretty neat, your feet will stay cool on a hot day…but will not get wet when you walk by a sprinkler head.

Adidas Golf - Tour 360 Sport

So what about my second question, support? These are actually quite sturdy, well put together golf shoes. Even with the sneaker kind of look to them, they are almost too rigid. The PowerBand that wraps around your arch is quite effective. My feet are a little on the wide side, and I have very high arches. The rigidity of these shoes and lack of support for my abnormally high arches actually caused a bit of a problem for me, I usually need something a little more flexible. For someone with more normal feet, this probably wouldn’t be an issue. However, as with any shoe, I would suggest trying them on for fit and feel at a local store prior to purchasing the shoes. I found the original Tour 360 shoes to be a little wider and less rigid. I had noticed the Tour 360 II shoes seemed to be slightly narrower and more rigid…perhaps that is just the direction these shoes have been going. I ended up just putting in an insert with more arch support and the ended up being just fine for me.

Cleat wise, the new cleat design is very interesting. I played a couple rounds on mornings where the grass had just been cut, and that generally means a lot of grass clumped up in the cleats. Not so with these shoes. The design seems to help prevent that from occurring. Sure you will still get some grass wrapped around the cleats themselves, but you will spend less time banging a 9 iron into the bottom of your shoe trying to dislodge all the dirt. I never had an issue with losing traction either. As I mentioned, I play on a very hilly course, so with some shoes (especially my older ones with spikes that need changing!) I certainly notice some traction issues. The Tour360 Sport was rock solid in that department.


If you like to feel a little breeze across your toes and like your feet staying cool, these shoes could certainly work for you. As long as you avoid rainy days, these shoes should keep those little toes dry as well. As with the entire like of Tour360 golf shoes, you are putting your feet into and advanced technological platform. Not only are these very comfortable, they perform like a champ and I can certainly see myself wearing them throughout the sunny summer days.

You can pickup a pair of the new Tour360 Sport golf shoes directly from AdidasGOLF for $160. You can also have a look on eBay and see if there are some discounted shoes out there. But, as I mentioned earlier, and I would suggest this for any golf shoe, visit your local brick and mortar store first to try these shoes on.

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