The creators of the Frogger Brush Pro have done it again. They have managed to find a way to improve a simple golf tool. With the Brush Pro they were able to take a simple golf brush design and turn it into something easier to use, friendlier for the environment and extremely effective. With the new Amphibian Towel they have jazzed up something as simple as a towel.

As usual, here is a little background from the people at Frogger first, then we will get into the detailed review.

The Amphibian Towel in Action


The Amphibian Towel is the Ultimate Golf Towel. You can Increase Backspin, Distance & Accuracy with Clean Clubs! Optimize golf club performance and lower scores. Double the surface area of standard golf towels. Only golf towel that stays both wet and dry on sunny or rainy days.

  • Two 28” X 14” Towels in one (twice the surface area of a standard golf towel)
  • Waterproof interior membrane keeps wet and dry towels separate
  • 100% Bamboo terry inside absorbs 3X more water than cotton, dries 3X as fast, naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial
  • Plush woven cotton jacquard outside
  • Handy pull tabs keep hands dry while opening towel with ease

Look and Feel

At first glance, the Amphibian Towel looks like a pretty common golf towel. The exterior is plush with a little amphibian logo. The interior is a bamboo terry that is a little rough to the touch, at least compared to the soft fluffy exterior. The corner of the towel is fit with a little ‘dry tab’, which one can use to open the towel. This comes in handy when you want to grab the towel with your golf glove hand and not get the glove wet. The towel is also fitted with a fabric hook tab and carabiner for attaching the towel to your golf bag. I have gone through a lot of towels in the past with cheap grommets, they end up falling off in the washing machine after a cleaning or two. The carabiner and little hook for it on the Amphibian Towel seem rock solid, and I have had no issues with either.

Also available, is a smaller golf ball towel. The golf ball sized towel is near identical in functionality, though is sized to clean and dry a golf ball. It even includes a little carabiner. I attach both towels side by side to a clip on my bag, wet each, and am set for the round.

The golf ball towel is available in black, while the full sized towel is available in three colors: Black, Blue and Red.

The Amphibian Towel


Ok, enough about how it looks. What you want to hear is how it performs. So the beauty of this particular towel is that you can wet the inside and the outside stays dry. That may seem trivial, but think about playing a round. Hit a shot with your wedge, take a nice divot, the grooves are covered in dirt. You can take a couple once overs on the wedge with the BrushPro, but I usually also like to wipe off the face with a wet towel. So that means I need to carry a wet towel around. I also like to have a dry towel around to dry my hands, wipe the sweat off my forehead, or dry my golf clubs off after they have been wet. So now I need to keep half the towel wet, and the other half dry. Ok, not impossible, but a pain. Now…you also know that if it is a hot day out, most cotton towels will dry out or drip out pretty quickly, so that towel you have half wet and half dry…is pretty dry pretty quickly.

In steps the dual purpose Amphibian Towel. The bamboo terry inside really does suck up a lot of water and retain it for quite a long time. The strangest thing is, you pour some water on the inside to get it nice and soaked up, and you fully expect the outside to be wet, but it’s bone dry. Pretty neat. So, start your round off, soak up the bamboo terry with some water, clip the towel to your bag, and now you have a nice water source to clean your clubs at least until the turn. One nice thing I have found is that the slightly rough terry cloth on the inside (which I mentioned early on) has a nice texture for getting some grime off the clubs.

While I do not play a ton of rounds in the rain, another neat feature of this towel is that you can simply turn it inside out. Now that water absorbent bamboo terry cloth is on the outside, soaking up mother nature’s water. While the inside of the towel remains dry. You then have a nice dry towel attached on the outside of your golf bag…ready to dry off your grips or hands or whatever. Great stuff.

As you can imagine the golf ball sized towel works equally as well. It’s great for cleaning up your golf ball real quick and drying it off. You do the same thing here, wet the inside, and use the outside to dry it off. It’s small enough that you can just clip it to a belt loop on your pants. It doesn’t seem to drip any water, so no worries about looking like you had an accident!


The golf ball sized Amphibian Towel can be had for $12.95, and would probably make a perfect stocking stuffer for the golfer in the family. I am pretty sure whoever you give it to will quickly be ordering him or herself the full sized towel as well, which can be had for $19.95. Frogger Golf also offers some discounts when combining the Golf Ball sized and full sized Amphibian Towel or even the BrushPro. Be sure to check out their site for more details.

If you are tired of cheap towels that rip, drip or just plain do not cut it…check out the Amphibian Towel. For $19.95, it’s not a bad deal. I cannot imagine having to replace it anytime soon.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:16 pm January 13, 2009
mediaguru @ Hooked On Golf Blog

Frogger products rule. Haven’t found one yet that wasn’t well thought out and well made.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:20 am June 5, 2009

I heard a lot about frogger brush pro products, they seem like have proven to work well. I wonder what they will think of next? I wonder if Fuzzy Zoeller uses them? I heard he is playing at the Sports Legends Challenge this fall…maybe he’ll bring his frogger brush pro products with him when he is showing his fans how to practice their swings.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:43 pm January 7, 2010

Good review. I don’t think you’re actually supposed to turn the towel inside out on a rainy day, though.

I believe the rainy day scenario makes more sense if the ultra-absorbent inside is kept dry so you can continually dry hands and grips and not saturating the towel.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:23 pm January 7, 2010

Give it a try sometime, the inside out actually came as a suggestion from the inventor of the towel. Works pretty well.

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