Earlier this year we had a look at a couple of offerings from the major players in the Golf Jacket market: Zero Restriction and Sun-Ice. Today we will have a look at the adidas Golf ClimaProof Storm 3-Way Convertible Jacket (wow, that is a mouthful!). This is a new offering from TM-Adidas looking to compete in the ‘I want what the tour players wear when they are in the rain‘ market.


The ClimaProof Storm 3-Way

adidas Golf has introduced the ClimaProof Storm 3-Way Convertible Jacket, a versatile piece of equipment that can be worn three ways – long-sleeve, short-sleeve or vest – depending on the weather. Its unique combination of construction, modern materials and intelligent features make it a must-have for serious golfers who want to perform their best in the elements while enjoying the best possible protection against wind, rain and cold.

The ClimaProof Storm 3-Way Convertible Jacket unites advanced structural design and modern four-way stretch properties to eliminate excess material that would otherwise get in the way of the swing. That includes a thin-yet-warm removable 360° compression wrap inner layer that also delivers increased support and precludes the need for a liner, eliminating bulk. An athlete can make a full swing with complete freedom while wearing this jacket, and can also chip and putt without the distraction of excess material impeding the motion of the arms and hands.

Critical jacket features developed to increase comfort and convenience while eliminating distraction include:

  • Convertible sleeves with stretch-elbow articulation for easy movement
  • Shaped and adjustable cuffs for snug, comfortable fit
  • Inner collar that flips up for added protection from the elements
  • Bonded paneling in critical comfort zones to eliminate seams that can rub, chafe and irritate
  • Waterproof zipper that makes a storm flap unnecessary
  • Innovative silicone grippers on each shoulder that prevent bag-strap slippage
  • Concealed venting for excellent breathability
  • Concealed internal right pocket
  • Waterproof to 20,000 mm
  • Breathable to 15,000g/m2/24hrs

The ClimaProof Storm 3-Way Convertible Jacket was introduced on tour at this year’s Open Championship, where it was worn by adidas Golf Tour Staff professionals including Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose and Sean O’Hair. Colors: black, zinc-black and Barez. Sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL. Includes a three-year waterproof warranty. Available in stores now. The MSRP is $275. To learn more, visit the ClimaProof Storm 3-Way Convertible Jacket website.

Look and Feel

A lot of golf jackets on the market today are quite loose fitting. The intent, I assume, is to reduce restriction. However, I find that, while loose and comfortable, the material can sometimes be distracting or even restrictive. The ClimaProof Storm is on the other end of the spectrum. The jacket has a very trim/athletic fit to it. If you have a little extra padding around the middle, you may want to look to size up. The jacket is definitely designed for a slim to V shaped body size. The interesting thing, however, is that the jacket was not restrictive at all. The sleeves fit nicely with little ‘loose’ material. The velcro straps on the end of the sleeves provided both nice protection from the elements and kept the jacket from interfering with your swing.

The jacket itself is very sharp looking. The jacket I received was in Barez (blue above), and I absolutely love the look. They have done a wonderful job of blending both style and performance into the functional elements of the jacket. For instance, the adidas logo style grip strips on the shoulders. They look pretty neat, and do a great job of holding your dual strap golf bag in place when it is wet out. There is nothing worse than having a bag slip and slide on your shoulders when it is wet, cold and windy out.

The material of the jacket is pretty interesting as well. The jacket does a great job of cutting the wind and keeping out any moisture, but it also seems quite breathable. I get pretty warm pretty quickly, and find the gore-tex style jackets to be too hot to play in, as they get all clammy inside. This jacket felt quite comfortable in both cool (40s) and warmer (60s) climates. When it was warmer, and not raining, open up the vent slots in the back, and you’ll feel quite comfortable. When it gets colder, the zip in Compression Layer will help keep you warm. It is a snug fit with the compression layer, but if you find it uncomfortable or too warm, it zips out quite easily.


As I mentioned earlier, the jacket is a snug fit, this means there is very little to get in your way during your swing. At first I thought it would be restrictive, but the joints…shoulders…elbows..turning your core…it really is as if you are not wearing a jacket at all. But walk outside on a 40 degree, windy, damp day, and you’ll be glad you are wearing it. You will not feel the wind a bit.

As you can see above, the jacket can be configured in three ways: Full Sleeves, Short Sleeves, No Sleeves. The No Sleeve option looked a little strange on me, but it is a nice option for warmer windy days. The sleeves come off quite easily and are also simple to reattach. The joints are all waterproof and seem to be windproof as well. I took the jacket out with just a short sleeve shirt on underneath during a very windy/chilly day, and did not notice any cold air on my arms. Solid in my book. I find some jackets are just too much of a hassle to remove the sleeves, so I never bother doing it. This one, I can work with.

If it is super windy and wet out, there is even a little storm collar that flips up on the back of the neck. Personally though, on those days I stay inside!


I really have to say I love the look of this jacket, it is quite stylish while at the same time performs. My favorite little feature, strangely enough, are those little silicone grabbers on the shoulders. Even if you do not carry your clubs, they look pretty neat. But really, they do a wonderful job of keeping those bag straps secure on your shoulders…no more rubbing your shoulders raw.

The fact that the jacket is so breathable while at the same time keeping out the moisture and wind is pretty remarkable.

Unfortunately, checking in at $275 retail, this jacket may be out of the reach of some golfers, especially during these economic times. Nonetheless, it compares quite favorable to other jackets in the same price point, like the Zero Restriction Tour-Lite we reviewed last year. I have not seen any ClimaProof Storm 3-Way jackets on eBay yet, but you are probably better off picking it up from an authorized reseller anyway. The ClimaProof Storm can be had from GolfGalaxy for $274.99.

Be sure to check out the ClimaProof Storm Mini-Site. It has some great detail pictures of all the various components of the jacket as well as a 360 degree view and some videos!

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