Eight days ago Cobra staff pro JB Holmes won the FBR Open with a TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider in his hands.  Today, I got my hands on one to have a closer look.  Let me just start this by saying…wow.  This putter is a thing of beauty and playing around with it on my 10 on the stimp meter carpets (yeah right!) my spider senses are telling me this putter is going to absolutely dominate the greens.

A complete review will be forthcoming, but for now I wanted to post up a few pictures of this bad boy.  You will also find a link to the product details and specifications at the bottom fo the review. Enjoy! 

Download the Product Details (PDF)

Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:52 pm February 15, 2008
Sean @ SwingSpeedGolf

Hey there Sean… just getting used to your revamped site.

As for this putter being a thing of beauty…

My dad used to say “Each to their own, said the old lady who kissed the cow”.

And no doubt the look of this putter will be an “each to their own”.

I’ve seen fat chicks that looked better than this putter, but hey if it could help improve my current wowfull distance control on the greens, I’d be more than happy to put one into my bag.

Let us know how you get on with using it… my Never Compromise GM2 Exchange #7 is on notice and soon to be evicted from my bag. I’m considering Odyssey #5, Yes Golf – Valerie or Donna (I’ll let you know which one wins my heart).

Sean Cassidy “Real Men Swing Fast”

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:12 am February 16, 2008

Hey Sean,

Hope you don’t think the new site is a ‘cow’ ;)

This spider putter, at first glance, definitely looks a little odd. However, it really grew on me. And performance wise…this thing is awesome. Hope to get out tomorrow for 18, we’ll see how it performs under pressure!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:14 pm February 17, 2008
Sean @ SwingSpeedGolf

I like the new site… just takes a little getting to know your way around after the change.

Let us know how you get on with the spider out on the course.

After having another round full of 3 putts on Sunday (5 of them), I spent an hour on the practice green after and hopefully have got it sorted. My distance control was killing my scoring (way long, or way short).


Sean Cassidy

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:26 pm February 20, 2008

Insanity…doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. Changing from a large putter head like this to a bullseye, to a Scotty Cameron to a whatever will only help for the same amount of time your previously retired putter helped you. The best thing 100% of amatures and 90% of Pro’s should do is toss out the conventional putting method. It is an inferior way to putt a golf ball into the hole. Common sense, physics, natural abilities etc… prove that either putting side saddle like Sam Snead or Hammy “hockey style” are the 2 easiest and best way to putt. Nuff said

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