Early last year I had a look at The Floppy, a soft indoor practice ball.  I still use it to this day, chipping/flopping around the house.  I have had a look at a bunch of practice balls at this point, and The Floppy is definitely the one to use inside the house.  Recently the guys who created The Floppy released a new version with a more durable design and some fancy packaging.  Adam, president of The Floppy, was kind enough to send along a sleeve of the new guys.

One issue with the original design was durability.   You can see an image of the used item below. As you can see below, the original design had a logo design which eventually peeled off.  You can also see a strand of the fabric starting to unravel as well.  It was not a huge problem, but eventually some of the little stuffing would come out as well.


This has not been a problem with the new practice ball.  The fabric seems to be slightly different, woven a little tighter and has held up well against my lob wedge in the living room!  You can see below the new logo is also a little nicer and professional looking.  This logo appears to be ready to be peeled off, rather than the old logo design which kind of peeled itself off eventually!

You can see below The Floppy is ready for prime time in the golf shop as well now.  The fancy new packaging looks very sharp and is sure to catch the attention of shoppers.

Performance wise the new Floppy seems to react the same as the original model.  If you have not read the original review, check it out now.  This is a wonderful thing.  I absolutely love The Floppy and how it reacts to your swing. 

At $17.99 for a pack of 4, it is a great bargain.  Given that the original, less durable balls have lasted me nearly a year at this point, I imagine these new ones will last you pretty much forever.  You can order The Floppy directly from their website.

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