At this time of year, rounds of golf are few and far between. When the weather lets up enough to get out on the course, the ground is generally quite soggy if not swampy. Walking the course in traditional golf shoes in such conditions, is not advisable…unless you have a few extra pairs of socks.

Bite Shoes offers a solution to this problem, the Bite Golf Boot 2.5. If you read my review of the Bite Deville traditional golf shoes, you’ll know that my expectations were pretty high for these golf boots. They certainly proved to be very interesting.

Bite - Golf Boot 2.5

Golf Boot 2.5

Look and Feel

As you can see to the left, the Bite Golf Boot looks like a typical leather hiking boot. If your pants are a little short, you may get some strange looks on the course, but otherwise, they certainly will not stand out. I am pretty happy with the way they look.

Like most Bite shoes, the boots are quite lite. They are a little stiffer than a traditional golf shoe, but the added support is nice to have when you are walking down a muddy incline. They are supportive at both the ankle and arch. The designers appear to have added some substantial support at the arch, which you can definitely feel when you slide on the boot. They fit nice and snug and comfortably on my feet. I did not have the same ‘walking on air’ feeling I had with the Deville shoes, but, then again, these are boots!


Bite - Golf Boot 2.5

Bite Golf Boot 2.5

The boots feature the same style spikes as the Deville golf shoes. As I found with the Deville shoes, the spikes provide great traction and are very easy to clean. The arch/top of the foot area is quite supportive and the laces can be tied up quite tight if you like that area to be snug.

Now, onto the reason you are wearing a boot: keeping your feet dry. I walked through countless puddles, mud puddles, patches of swampy grass and wet sand. My feet always stayed dry. I even ran the boots under the tap of my kitchen sink to get all the mud off…and never felt any water inside.

Given that they are boots, you’ll lose some of the ability to roll your ankles in your swing. So if you are a Jack Nicklaus swinger, and key in on rolling your ankles in your swing, you may find that difficult in these boots. I found, however, that there is enough play in the ankle to allow enough mobility for me to feel comfortable swinging. I’ve played a bunch of rounds in them now, and I cannot say that they have negatively impacted my swing. The leather at the toe of the boot is quite flexible, so when your right foot goes into an ‘up’ position in the follow through, they feel quite comfortable.

Bite - Golf Boot 2.5

Golf Boot 2.5


So, in the end, the boot is a bit of a trade-off. You loose a little in terms of flexibility in your ankles, but you gain support. If you are playing in muddy conditions, want to keep your feet dry and supported when you’re walking down slippery slopes…the Bite Golf Boot is a great option…in fact, it may be the only option.

At $99.95 retail, they are in the same range as some of the nicer hiking boots out there. If you find yourself playing in muddy/wet conditions (read anywhere in the North East in spring), I would think about picking up a pair. There is nothing worse than playing 18 holes in wet, muddy socks. Your feet will remain warm and dry with these babies on your feet.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:44 pm February 5, 2008
mediaguru at

Bite makes some great shoes… I love mine.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:33 pm April 17, 2008

Quality hiking equipment can be a lifesaver, when on difficult trails. I always have a checklist of the items I’ll never leave home without.

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