The GolfGym Powerswing is set of latex bands that allow you to perform various exercises, including golf swing-like exercises.


These bands are designed so you can perform golf-specific exercises in your home. There is no need to go to the gym. You can perform the strengthening and stretching exercises at home, at your convenience. You can also use this as a pre-round warm-up.


This product is easy to use. The “Masters” edition that I had the chance to review had 3 different bands included. It takes less than 30 seconds to switch from one band to the other. That’s a huge plus, as I needed different resistance for some exercises.

Resistance is achieved by either holding the band under your foot as you perform the exercises, or trapping it in the door jam. It depends on the exercise. The product came with a detailed guide on how to set up each exercise. If the door was necessary, it showed where to trap the band. Each band comes with a “stopper” on the end to make it catch easy in the door. Basically, you open the door, and it will slide between the door and the wall on the “hinge” side of the door. Now simply close the door, and the band will not slip out.

I found the stretches to be outstanding. They really helped loosen me up. I have been using the product for about a month now and I feel much more loose. I used it prior to my last couple practice sessions, and it made those more productive as well.

The strengthening exercises were good as well. While you certainly were not going to get a huge “pump” or build huge muscles using the bands, you are definitely strengthening your golf muscles as you perform the exercises.


I find the golf gym easy to use, and a very good product for someone who doesn’t have time for the gym, but is looking to increase his/her flexibility and/or strength. I’d definitely recommend this product. Even if you do not intend on doing the exercises on a consistent basis, this is a very useful tool as a pre-round warm up. For those using this as a pre-round warm-up, the basic package is probably all you need. I’d recommend the Masters package for those looking to use it as a work-out.

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