It is cold outside…snowing in fact. So, what better way to get your golf fix in, than to swing a golf club around the house and check out your swing speed. Today we will be having a close look at a device that can accurately measure that for you: the Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer created by Sports Sensors Inc.


The Swing Speed Radarâ„¢ with Tempo Timer is a small, inexpensive microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that provides the swing speed and tempo rhythm for golfers of all ages and skill levels. It assists players in developing /optimizing their swing, and maintaining consistency, by measuring ACTUAL TEMPO TIME from club takeaway to ball impact at the climax of their forward swing, as well as the SWING SPEED of the clubhead as it approaches the ball. The Swing Speed Radarâ„¢ with Tempo Timer, featuring simple one-button operation, provides unmatched utility in a single, affordable device.

Measure Swing Tempo

The Swing Speed Radarâ„¢ with Tempo Timer can be set to measure and display clubhead swing speed alone (SS Mode); tempo time, from club takeaway to ball impact, alone (TT Mode); or both swing speed and tempo time in the Dual Mode, in which the display toggles (alternates) between swing speed and tempo time.

Look and Feel

The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer (SSRTT), as you can see below, is not too large. It fits comfortably in just about any pocket in my golf bag. It is also light enough that I never really worried about having to carry it with me anywhere. That in mind, I always had the device on hand when I went to the range or even just hit some birdie balls in the back yard.

Swing Speed Radar - Tour Tempo Player

The SSRTT is very clean looking. The LCD is large and very easy to read. The multi-function (power/selection) button just below the display is well placed and very responsive. The instruction manual suggests placing the SSRTT just outside the ball when you are swinging. In this location, you may be worried about being distracted…however, given the size, and the subdued look, it is not at all intrusive. However, with that bright, easy to read display came a problem…your swing speed number is up there prominently displayed after each and every swing. When I first started using this at the range, I found myself trying to swing for the number. Though, as I mentioned in my Tour Tempo review the other day, you quickly learn that trying to swing out of your shoes is a bad idea.


I have used the SSRTT device at the driving range on a bunch of occasions now over the past month. I have generally found the device very responsive, by the time you have had a chance to look down after your swing, the swing speed number is brightly displayed on the LCD. I do not have a TrackMan handy to verify the numbers reported, however, they did seem to give with what I expect from my swing. I was able to compare the numbers to a Dancin Dogg simulator I have and found that on just about every swing the numbers reported were near identical.

Swing Speed Radar - Tempo Timer

Now, a couple dislikes. On occasion I would get some numbers that would spike to 160..170mph. Now, last I checked, I am not Jason Zuback. I just assume that perhaps I had the SSRTT a little ahead of the ball, and it was capturing the ball speed rather than the club head speed. Not a huge deal, it may have happened 3 or 4 times total out of hundreds of swings.

While I really love the swing speed radar aspect, the tempo timer was difficult to work with. A few times I found myself triggering the start of the timer with my waggle. When I did not trigger it, it did seem to work well. It is definitely nice to be able to see your tempo time, especially when working with a tempo training device. So, I am a little disappointed with the waggle bit, but I still have hopes that I could get it to work more consistently for me.

As you can see in the chart below, Swing Speed is critical when it comes to improving your driving distance. So many training aids out there claim they can help you gain 10…20…30 yards…and really the only way they can do that is by increasing your swing speed. With a device like the Swing Speed Radar at your side, you can get instant feedback on the changes you (or that training aid) are making to your swing.

swing speed vs distance chart

The SSRTT takes 3 AA batteries. I have not yet had to replace them, and I have been using this thing for at least a month. That is some serious battery life. Unless you smack your driver into this thing at 125 mph…I am guessing this little device will serve you well for quite some time.


While I found the Tempo Timer a little tough to work with, the Swing Speed Radar itself was near flawless. The device responds quickly, is easy to see, and so simple to setup and use. If you are curious about your swing speed, or are looking to work on improving your swing speed, I would definitely look at picking up at least the original Swing Speed Radar device. If you are working on your tempo with a device like the Tour Tempo or SwingTempo you may find the Tempo Timer useful as well.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:31 pm March 27, 2009
Al Dilz

Sean- You are correct–the high numbers that you see are the ball. That can happen 10%-20% of the time if the radar is too far forward, or if it is facing the golfer instead of at a 45 degree angle. We have many customers who intentionally position the radar to see the ball so that they can determine their “smash factor”.
Thanks for your review!!

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