Living in the North East, one does not have many opportunities to get out and actually play golf. We are pretty much stuck with working on our swing indoors (my ceiling loves that), playing Tiger Woods on the Wii/Dancin Dogg simulator (which is pretty darn cool!) or playing with various practice type balls. In the past we have had a look at The Floppy and Birdie Balls. The Floppy is great for chipping around inside your house. Birdie Balls, being hard plastic, are something you want to stick to using outdoors. The Almost Golf balls…well, it’s a little bit of a hybrid. Works great outdoors, but one could chip around with it inside as well.


As always, let’s start with a little information from the manufacturer:

The Point3 golf ball is the first solid core, limited distance, internal pressure practice ball that gives on-course performance in an off-course safe golf ball. It out performs hollow plastic golf balls and foam golf balls because it has true flight and real golf ball striking accuracy.


The Point3 golf ball is perfectly balanced for true spin, trajectory and accuracy. Its unique cross-linked foaming and internal pressure results in a .32 COR rating, approximately one third of a traditional golf ball. As a result, the Point3 compresses slightly upon impact just like a real golf ball, giving it real ‘pop’ off the club face and long-lasting durability. But because of its special core construction, the Point3 is extremely soft, making it backyard safe.


The Point3 golf ball travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball so it’s perfect for backyard practice. All club distances correlate to actual distance with a regulation ball. No longer do you have to soften your golf swing because the ball can’t handle force, velocity or resistance.


Hit it straight, play a fade or shape a draw. The Point3′s true-flight characteristics allow you to accurately assess your golf swing, ball striking, and follow through. No more second-guessing whether you’re hitting the ball well because the Point3 responds just like the real thing.

Look and Feel

The Almost Golf balls look a lot like your typical Top-Flite neon yellow golf ball. They are about the same size as a normal golf ball, have a similar look dimple wise, and the bright yellow color is quite helpful when you’ve hit a dozen of these, and are trying to find them in the grass. Being made of a foam like material, obviously they are softer and lighter than a traditional golf ball.

Almost Golf - Practice Golf Balls

The balls are quite soft, and off the club face feel like a very soft/foam ball. They are hard enough that you can tell if you have made decent contact with the ball, but they certainly do not offer the same sort of feel as a real golf ball. In the winter, when it’s 30 degrees out…I am not so sure I want to be feeling a real golf ball anyway. If you are looking for something that flies short, yet feels more like a real golf ball, check out our review of the Birdie Balls. I felt the Birdie Balls felt more like hitting an actual golf ball.


These practice golf balls seem to fly very true. I was able to hook/slice the ball with realistic ease. Distance was nice as well. Not so short that I could not see the ball flight…and not so far that I had to walk a great distance to pick them back up! I was hitting a pitching wedge about 50-65 yards. The chart from P3 Golf suggests that a Driver would go just over 100 yards. I did not try the balls with my driver, but I would have no reason to believe that wasn’t true.

I have used these practice balls on numerous occasions now over the past few weeks, and durability has been great. Aside from some black marks on the balls (probably from dirt in my grooves) the balls look superb. There are no chunks missing or cuts in them, if I washed them off, they’d probably look just like they did out of the box.

almost golf

I mentioned earlier that I preferred the feel of the Birdie Balls. The Birdie Balls are a hard PVC type material, so yeah, they will feel as if you are hitting something more substantial. The thing I did not like about the Birdie Balls that I do like about the Almost Golf balls is that you can hit pitch/chip/flop/knockdown shots. With the Birdie Balls, I found they really only performed well when I hit 3/4 or full shots. Given that the Almost Golf balls actually look like real golf balls, I also found watching the ball flight to be more reassuring.


If you are looking for a practice ball that will provide a realistic ball flight, is highly visible and won’t shatter glass around the house…pick yourself up a sleeve of Almost Golf balls. They are relatively inexpensive (around $1 a ball), and I can’t see why a dozen of them wouldn’t last at least a year.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:49 pm July 9, 2008
Gerald Starks

I didn’t see this blog entry. These balls I recommend to anyone. They are so good I even created my own urbangolf email for all my golf related discussions. I like this ball because it lets me dink around the yard or down the neighborhood when I can grab 15-30 minutes away from the kids. It’s a great way to just let out some steam. Great blog. Keep it up.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:45 pm July 9, 2008

Nice, thanks for the comments Gerald. I love the Almost Golf balls as well. They’re good fun. The only thing I’d say about the Birdie Balls is that they ‘feel’ a little more realistic when you actually hit them. The Almost Golf balls are pretty soft (which is great for some things), so you do not have quite the same feel at impact.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:03 am August 7, 2008

Hey. How do these balls compare to the regular practise foam balls that u can find in stores? Most golf places here in Canada don’t carry the “Almost Golf” balls.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:48 am August 7, 2008


No comparison really. Those light little foam balls you can find at chain sporting good stores are pretty useless, I find.

The Almost Golf balls have a nice, yet still a little squishy, feel to them, and actually have some realistic spin. If you hit a slice…the ball will slice!

Hope you can find them somewhere!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:41 pm August 30, 2009

I just bought some of these yesterday and I love them. I have 2 young children that are learning to play the game. When they play, I take them to the par 3 course. These balls allow me to play the course like a regulation course in that it turns many of the par 3s into par 4s and even a couple of par 5s. Rather than hitting 8i and pitching wedges on all the holes, I’m hitting all of my clubs. Today, my kids didn’t want to go golfing. Normally, I’d go to my normal course, but I found myself back at the par 3 course because playing with these balls are so much fun.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:51 pm February 23, 2011

These practice balls are the GOLD standard for practice. They are soft (but harder than) any other foam balls. They fly farther & more precisely than anything else “period”. They totally reflect the swing and contact that you delivered. Hit them with ANY club in your bag including DRIVER (goes 35-40 yards). They will deliver accurate flight results you can LEARN from just like a real ball. Don’t waste money on anything else. Also, best ball you can get to teach kids in the yard.
I love them.. can you tell?

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