Well, Golf Digest is at it again, they have released their Hot List for 2008. Some people just shoe this aside as a ‘who has paid the most to appear on top’ list…but, I think it’s a nice way for the masses to get introduced to the new products out there. Unfortunately, a lot of the items that top their list, really aren’t new for 2008…

Here’s the list, I have listed the category, along with Golf Digest’s pick and The Deep Rough’s pick. My pick being what I am most interested in seeing in 2008.


Blah..Ping G10? Boring. Just look at the Adams Insight XTD driver. Wow…that’s a club that is just screaming to be pounded down the middle of the fairway. Given how much I have loved the HiBore XL…I am also looking forward to hitting the HiBore XLS. But, G10…sorry…meh…

Fairway Woods

The G10 Fairway wood is a nice safe choice. It is in the bags of a lot of Ping staffers, and well, it is a pretty traditional fairway wood design. Hard to argue with that. But as for hot…my money is on the Callaway FT-i Squareway. Will be interesting to see how the FT-i technology applies in the fairway wood category.


I have not hit the Burner Rescue club, but I am sure they will work well for a wide variety of players if the Burner Driver and Fairway woods are any indication. However, I am more interested in looking at the Callaway i-Brids. Similar to the Squareway, it seems that Callaway is bringing the FT-i’s super high MOI to the hybrid market.

Super Game and Game Improvement Irons

I had a look at a few of the game improvement/super game improvement irons here not too long ago: Callaway X-20, Burner XD, Nike Sumo and R7 CGB Max. I agree with Golf Digest in that the X-20 irons are a wonderful set of clubs that should work for a very wide range of players. As I mentioned in my review, even some tour players are playing them.

I would still like to have a look at the Nike Slingshot 4D irons as well as these new Cobra UFI irons. I have heard nothing but good things about both offerings.

TaylorMade Irons-1

Players Irons

I chose the MP-57 irons, which, while they were released late in 2007, I still think they will make a big impact in 2008. I currently have a set of MP-57s that I have been testing out, and I would have to say they are the most forgiving ‘players’ irons I have laid my hands on. I can see myself playing them a LOT in 2008.

I am also anxious to see the release of the Bridgestone J36 CBs. Though, I am guessing that will be more of a ‘players’ club than the Mizuno MP-57. I am hoping to have a closer look at them soon.

Mizuno MP-57-7


Blah. Vokey Spin Milled. The old standby I suppose. Yes, nice performer, nothing too exciting for 2008 though. The newly designed 2008 X Forged wedges from Callaway look like they should meld some nice stylish design features with the playability of the X Tour wedges. If you have not already seen them, the CG14 wedges from Cleveland Golf are pretty interesting as well.

Blade Putters

I am pretty anxious to have a look at the Yes! Abbie putter. It isn’t often that I get excited about blade designs (as they all pretty much look the same), but something about the Abbie looks promising. The Mizuno/Bettinardi Black Carbon series looks interesting as well.

Golf Digest didn’t stretch too far picking a Studio Style Scotty putter…

Mallet Putters

While the Nike IC 20-20 looks interesting…and well, has a pretty amusing name, I’m more interested in looking at the new TM Rossa Spider. Sure it may look like Mothra, and some may find that to be a negative…but wow, I’m impressed. It’s nice to see companies take a chance on strange designs like that. There were actually a lot of interesting looking designs in the HotList, though, one that didn’t seem to make it was the new line of Deep Faced putters from Heavy Putter. Check those out, they look pretty interesting as well.

Here’s to a Happy, Safe and Healthy 2008! Have a great one!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:47 pm January 28, 2008
Dennis Buckley

Say what you will about the Ping G-10….”boring” Well, I played G-2 and G-5 and this one is just different enough ball flight-wise and sound-wise to have appeal for me. Nice traditional shape. Solid enough increase in distance that I won’t switch for a good time.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:52 pm January 28, 2008
Sean @ DeepRough


By ‘Boring’, I mean the Hot List’s 2008 selection of the G10 is not very ‘new and exciting’, since the club came out in, what…August of 2007?

I had hit the G10 driver at a local ping demo day, and while the stock shaft didn’t seem to fit me well, it was a nice sounding/feeling driver. I haven’t had enough time with one to write up a complete review.

I’ll tell you what though, I hit the G10 irons at that same demo day, and while they are pretty huge, those things just wanted to go high and straight.


Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:57 am June 19, 2008

good day for learn

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