Zero Restriction is THE name in the golf outerwear market. Their line of weather proof, non-restrictive clothing is so sought after, apparently even tour players have to shell out some cash to get their hands on ZR gear.

To my delight, a box from Zero Restriction showed up at my office with a hunter green Tour-Lite GORE-TEX jacket. I have spent the past few weeks with this jacket, and wow…color me impressed.


The WhisperSOFT™ GORE-TEX® Collection is durable, breathable, offers 100% waterproof protection that is quiet and comfortable like a natural fabric.

The Tour tested ZR Outerwear design is guaranteed not to restrict your golf swing. ZR’s patented design features and well tested overall design provide complete freedom of movement.

Technical Aspects:

  • high storm collar
  • zippered waterproof hand pockets
  • elasticized waistband
  • tee loops tucked beneath left chest flap
  • two-way zipper to release zipper pucker
  • patented Dual Motion® cuffs
  • patented Expansion Back Pleatsâ„¢
  • patented Snug Liner Snap Systemâ„¢
  • moisture wicking airflow lining
  • WhisperSOFTâ„¢ GORE-TEX® shell fabric

Look and Feel

The Zero Restriction Tour-Lite Jacket is very sharp looking. The Tour-Lite Jacket has normal full length sleeves, without zippers. There is a Traveler version which does have zip off sleeves, so one could wear it as a wind shirt or vest. The fact that the sleeves do not zip off this jacket does not bother me. I have an Oxford Golf jacket with that ability, and well, I really don’t ever use it. If I want to wear a vest, I’ll wear a Zero Restriction vest.

The waist and wrist enclosures are an elastic cotton like material, much like you would have found on winter jackets in the 90s. This creates a nice seal from your waist to your wrists, keeping you both warm and dry. Of course, there is a drawback to that…I could not see myself being able to wear this jacket in warmer weather.

I have actually worn it on numerous occasions off the course, be it walking the dog or driving to to work. Being in the North East, it is a little chilly these days, often in the 30s. As long as I have a layer or two on, the Tour-Lite keeps me plenty warm. It really does a nice job of cutting out the wind and trapping warm/dry air inside.

That being said, anything under 60 degrees, and I will be wearing this jacket on the course.


So I have worn this jacket in the rain on numerous occasions now. The performance is phenomenal. Water just beads up on the surface, leaving you bone dry under the jacket. I really like the fact that the sleeves can be made to come over your hands a little to protect in the rain/cold, or could be snapped down to fit tight around your wists as to not interfere with your swing. Now I just need to get my hands on some ZR GORE-TEXT pants and a bucket hat and I’ll be all set for those rainy April days.

As for the ‘zero restriction’ aspect, it is indeed true. I have a few other jackets/wind shirts from other manufacturers, and while they may be light, keep me warm, or block out the wind…they all restrict movement in some way. Either they are too big and bulky where the material gets caught up, or they limit the range of movement. The ZR jacket, on the other hand, really does live up to it’s name. I felt like I was completely free to swing. I never felt as if my swing was being restricted, or that there was excess or baggy material.

If you, on the other hand, do feel as if the jacket is a little baggy…one of the nice features is the ability to customize the size internally. There are some snaps at several locations in the jacket that let you ‘cinch’ up some of the excess material that may be getting in your way. There are some on the back of the jacket, as well as on the sleeves.

One of the last things I noticed in the jacket was the little spot under the chest flap for golf tees. I chuckled to myself, this company just seems to get it.


If you are in the market for a golf jacket, and have the budget for it, there really is no reason to look anywhere else. This is by far the nicest golf jacket I have ever worn. I really did try to find something wrong with this piece of equipment. I know this review has turned into a sunshine fest, but really…aside from the price point…this is the perfect golf jacket.

If the $300+ price tag is a bit rich for your blood, check out your local pro shop. Often times this time of year there are end of season sales, and you can snag a great deal on a jacket, vest, or wind shirt from Zero Restriction.

Zero Restriction Men's TOUR-Lite Jacket

The Zero Restriction Tour-Lite Jacket can be had for $339.99 from Golf Galaxy.

If the Zero Restriction Jacket prices are a little out of your range, check out eBay for used jackets or discounted items.

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