This winter, my goal was to set up an indoor driving range so I can keep my swing in tune during the cold winter months. Fortunately for me, my home has 9′ ceilings in the basement, so I am able to do this. Obviously, one of the main components to an indoor range is going to be range mat. I decided to contact TrueStrike after hearing they were one of the best and ask them if they’d like me to review their product. They were interested, and sent me one of their new MKVI (Mark 6) “Single” range mats to review.

TrueStrikeâ„¢ golf mats play, feel and react like the natural fairway.

TrueStrikeâ„¢ mats offer “Fairway Forgiveness”â„¢ which means no pain, no strain and no shock during practice.

TrueStrikeâ„¢ is the only durable and long lasting golf playing surface on the market that accurately replicates a top quality natural fairway.

“The best and closest simulation of a natural fairway I have ever come across.”
Danny Fitsimmonds PGA professional

“TrueStrikeâ„¢ mats couple enhanced feel with durability.”
Mark Duncombe of the Mizuno English National Club Fitting Center

Look, Feel and Performance

The Mark 6 was one of the best looking range mats I’ve ever seen. Of course, looks don’t matter much on a range mat, but this one just struck me as something that was well made and wasn’t an “eye-sore” like many range mats are. It comes in components, meaning if the striking surface wears out, you do not need to replace the entire mat. You can order another striking surface.

The beauty of the system is the before mentioned striking surface. It’s unlike any range mat you’ve used in the past.

The striking surface has silicone gel between the injection molded foam. This very closely replicates real fairway conditions. I can attest that hitting wedges, and purposely trying to come down hard on the ball was no problem with this mat. You did not feel any shock at all. In contrast, the few I did strike off the regular range mat section had a lot of shock.


This mat performs beautifully. It sets up within 5 minutes, and in no time you are ready to go. This is as close to fairway conditions as you are going to get without growing grass. You can play all types of shots off the mat, and get the same feel as if you were hitting them off the fairway! I personally tested the “Single” model, but they also sell a “portable” edition. This version allows you to take it to the driving range with you in an easy to carry version. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who practices at driving ranges with mats often. Your joints will appreciate it!

As you can tell, we highly recommend the TrueStrike mat. It’s definitely the best mat I’ve ever seen to practice off of in terms of feel and comfort on your joints! Of course, this all comes at a price. The complete Single mat can be ordered from Golfsmith for $599.99. Probably not practical for the average golfer. You can, however, purchase the individual components directly from the TrueStrike website for considerably less.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:04 am January 2, 2008

In the two month time frame since I have be using the Gripstik hand strengthener , I’ve noticed a profound difference in my club
stablity and power through on my long balls.Right form the start excercise , my hand as without a doupt firmer and that told me that
I was on the right track.That increased ‘core strength’ in my hands and wrist stopped the wobble when not contacting the sweat spot.
Coming out of the rough is a much smoother and confident event now. I must admit that the suggested excerises for this wrist exerciser
are less than enjoyable , but it is well worth the effort.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:36 pm June 2, 2008
Curt Layton

What net did you end up using for your basement range?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:05 am June 3, 2008

The MKVI is still being used for basement practice. Though I hope to be getting one of THE Golf Mats soon, to have a look at. Should be interesting. That’s the one that Vijay Singh has been promoting lately.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:51 pm June 3, 2008
Curt Layton

They both look like great mats. What about the Hitting Net? I’ve looked at the Callaway quads and some of the ones at TGW look pretty flimsy. Do you have recommendations for the net? Also, I have 8 foot ceilings, are you able to take full swings with your 9 foot ceilings?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:07 pm June 3, 2008


I have never felt overly thrilled with taking full swings with 9 foot ceilings. While there really is no danger of hitting anything, just the thought in the back of my head is a little distracting.

Though, with netting, your best bet, if you want to be completely safe, is to buy a bunch of it in bulk, and custom cut it to fit in your ‘space’.

But if you’re looking for something smaller, that you could fold up, take outside/etc…check out this one from SKLZ:


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