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Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed us by, if you haven’t already begun shopping for Christmas gifts, you probably don’t celebrate this highly commercialized holiday! If you have a golfer on your Christmas list, here are some ideas for this joyous giving season:

A Box of Golf Balls

This is an old standby that generally works for any avid golfer. I would just caution, if you have a SERIOUS golfer on your hands, be sure to do a little sleuthing and find out what type of ball they play. Nothing like spending $40 on a box of Nike Platinum balls, to find out your Christmas golf buddy is a Titleist snob. For the recreational golfer, I’d have a look at the Srixon Trispeed balls I reviewed earlier in the Summer, or you can’t go wrong with a $15.99 box of Top-Flite D2s. For the female golfer, check out the Srixon Soft Feel balls for ladies.

Golf Glove

Another traditional standby gift for an avid golfer. Players generally go through at least a couple of these a year, so it’s a pretty safe, inexpensive bet. I generally play with FootJoy SciFlex gloves, which can be had for around $15 each online. Rock Bottom Golf sometimes has a 3 pack of them available for around $8-$9 a glove. If you are ordering online, just be sure you get the right size! While a little more pricey, if the person you are gifting suffers from arthritis, check out the Bionic Glove, it’s a little pricey, but it will be sure to please.

Bionic Glove-3

Golf Books

Ok, so I’m still in the process of completing a review on this, but for now, two words: Tour Tempo. Check it out, simply amazing. The book has all you need to get started, including an audio CD you can listen to while practicing. You can take it a little further with a complete Tour Tempo package which includes the book, a dvd and a tour tempo player device. I posted some pictures of the player not long ago. First day after using this thing, I went from shooting in the mid to upper 80s, back down into the 70s.

Alice Cooper’s Golf Monster is an amusing book that was a pretty quick read. It has some interesting insight into Alice Cooper’s life and his obsession with golf. Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game is a great choice for the golfer who loses it on the golf course. You know him, he screams and yells, chucks his clubs at his bag…if you know someone like this, get them this book.

Golf Sunglasses

We will be featuring more in depth reviews of these products soon, but sunglasses are a great idea for the golfer that may not already ‘have it all’. Peak Vision and Tifosi Optics both make wonderful products. The Peak Vision glasses are in the $150 range and are top notch quality. While the Tifosi Optics glasses target a less expensive market, the $50-$70 range, but still provide a nice product.

Golf Sunglasses-7

Golf Clubs

If you’re looking to spend a nice chunk of change, you can always look into some actual golf clubs. Now, the only reason I would avoid this would be that clubs can be hit or miss. Unless the person you are buying for has come out and said, “I want a set of Nike Sumo irons“…I would be careful with this gift. Just because you never know what they are going to like feel/playability wise. A better bet may be a gift card to your local golf shop. Let them go try out the clubs, find what they like and get fit for them. If you’re dead set on getting something large and expensive, and your golfer likes to travel, read my review of the Ogio Mammoth. Now THAT would be an awesome gift!

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:17 pm December 19, 2007
christmas golf gift

You can give your golfing friends the best golf gift they have ever received if you choose carefully and know what sort of golfing things they need for Christmas.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:54 pm March 4, 2008
peter chacon

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