Well, the weather turned out to be nice enough Saturday to get in 18 holes. I really hope it doesn’t turn out to be the last round of the year, though, if it did, I turned in a pretty decent round (79 at Green Knoll). It was a little chilly, in the low 40s, so the course was pretty empty. I ended up whipping around the course in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Not bad for walking! The only real slow-up I had was getting stuck behind a two-some for a couple holes…though they were kind enough to let me play through.

Knowing the course would most likely be pretty empty, I packed up a new device I received the other day, a Tour Tempo player. I’ll post a complete review of this product in a week or so, but for now…let me just say…wow! If you haven’t heard about Tour Tempo in the past, do yourself a favor and check out their website. You can find a couple videos explaining the system on YouTube (What is Tour Tempo and Tour Tempo Results). I’ve used this thing for a couple days, read through the book, and wow…I’ve been swinging the club great. Nice and smooth, with a lot of clubhead speed. The great thing is…there is really nothing complicated about it. You just try to match up your swing with some tones. You can see a picture of the Tour Tempo Player below. It’s quite small.

Tour Tempo-1

I also recently received a pair of Tifosi Optics Ventoux sunglasses. They came with three different style lenses. Two of the sets were geared toward golf. I tried out the extreme contrast lenses which claim to assist in reading greens. They definitely were a help in finding balls in the rough, and gave a slightly different perspective while reading the greens. I’ll be doing some more testing with these glasses and will post a complete review in due time.


I ended up playing with my buddy Tim‘s HiBore XL driver again. Swinging in tempo (24/8 for me), I really felt like I was absolutely crushing the ball at times. As I mentioned, it was quite cold, and I was getting absolutely no roll (soggy fairways). Nonetheless I still managed to nail a 265 yard drive on the 356 yard par 4, 6th hole. An easy sand wedge in to 5 feet, up hill putt for birdie. Gotta love it. I’d have to imagine that drive would have been a monster in the summer with some roll. I also hit a few nice hybrid and 5 iron shots throughout the round. In an earlier post, I was remarking how that part of my game had been eluding me. I always felt like I got real quick and jerky with those long iron swings. Swinging to the tempo, felt real smooth, and the results were very nice.

The weather report for tomorrow calls for 61 degrees…perhaps there is still time to sneak in a few more rounds!

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