Today we have another review by a guest contributor to The Deep Rough. We’ll be having a look at the new Srixon Soft Feel golf balls specifically designed for women.


The new Srixon Soft Feel for Ladies brings all of the distance technology that has been the hallmark of Srixon’s success to a golf ball ideally suited for women golfers. Its soft, Energetic Gradient Growth core allows moderate to low swing speed golfers to generate impressive ball velocity with excellent feel. The high resilience of the Rabalon HR® blended cover ensures the great feel without sacrificing distance of the tee.

The new Soft Feel for Ladies is softer, longer and more enjoyable for lady golfers at all levels. And don’t let the color of the box fool you. This ball is a force to be reckoned with.

User Benefits

  • Tremendous soft feel for all shots from tee to green
  • Exceptional driver distance with good approach iron spin
  • Optimum performance for a wide range of golfers including those with low swing speeds

Look, Feel and Performance

My son gave me a box of Srixon Soft Feel for Ladies to try out. Never averse to looking a gift “ball” in the mouth I agreed despite the fact that I’d given away all the other ladies balls I’d been gifted after one round of play. Let me start out by saying I am not the world’s greatest golfer but than I’m not the worst. I have a 16 handicap index, based on play at a par 3 course.

You guessed it; I live in a retirement community.

Srixon Soft-1

Generally I find a ball I like and play it until I lose it or it’s so beat up I retire it to the practice net basket. I really can’t talk about spin (backspin I only get by luck), compression or aerodynamics. What I can tell you is that I finally found out what a soft feel ball feels like. It was so sweet it didn’t even seem as though I’d hit it. The directional arrow was especially helpful as I’m always turning a ball around to find something to use that will help me line up. The ball ran true on bump and run chips and landed soft on high lobs….very helpful as I don’t always reach the longer holes. I even noticed a different feel with my putting stroke.

Srixon Soft-3

The name is also a help….not too many play this ball so it’s so much easier to identify….now if they’d only put that little guy’s face on it and dust it with a bit of Jim Furyk magic powder.

At the moment, you can get a fleece hat or rain bucket hat from Srixon when you purchase a dozen Srixon Balls. At $19.99 a dozen, the Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls are quite a bargain.

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