Here is another review submitted by DeepRough contributor, Anthony Cornetto. Anthony plays with Arthritis, so a review of the Bionic Glove was definitely in order! Enjoy!


I thank Bionic Gloves for the opportunity to review their golf gloves. I’ve read about these gloves, and how they would help someone with arthritis of the hands. Having Psoriatic Arthritis myself, I figured I was a perfect candidate to test these gloves. Here is some background information about the gloves.

Bionic Gloves also incorporate the anatomy of the palm, fingers and thumb. These areas of the hand have bony prominences — high points of the bone next to the skin. The friction of a tool, baseball bat or golf club against the bony prominences cause blisters, calluses and hand fatigue. Bionic Gloves feature strategically placed pads to reduce the pressure and friction caused by gripping a tool or a golf club. Both comfort and grip strength are vastly improved.

The difference Bionic Glove technology makes is both impressive and practical. The exact anatomic location of the 3 layers of padding has been shown in independent studies to improve grip strength, torque strength and pinch strength.

After initially ruling these gloves illegal for tournament play, the USGA reversed their decision on January 26, 2006. These gloves are now conditionally permitted for people with arthritis of the hands. Read the entire press release from Bionic.

Look and Feel

These gloves look like some of the high-tech golf gloves you see on the market today when you look at the back of the glove.

Bionic Glove-3

The differences come when you look at the front, or gripping surface of the glove. You’ll notice a bunch of padding spaced all throughout the glove. If you go to the Bionic website you will see an explanation of each of the different design features.

Bionic Glove-4

When you put this glove on and grip a club, at first it feels a little different. It feels like you have a firm grip on the club when you are not putting a lot of pressure on your hands. Obviously, this is a very good thing. While swinging the club, it feels like your grip pressure is NOT increasing as much as a regular glove. Also, for a person with arthritis, it makes the grip feel a little larger, which is always a bonus.

The leather quality of the glove is top notch. This is some of the softest leather I’ve felt on a golf glove. It’s on par with those “players” gloves, but it appears to have much more durability. Even though the leather is slightly thicker than those gloves, your feel for the club is not reduced!

After one or 2 shots, you do not even notice the padding. However, you feel the difference after your shot.


This is where this glove SHINES. I can see why the USGA initially ruled these gloves illegal. They definitely seem to enhance your grip of the club without increasing your grip pressure. I noticed, even on off center hits, the club did not twist or turn in my hand. That’s a huge plus!

I found while my distances remained approximately the same (who can tell with the cold weather we have now), my accuracy has appeared to improve a lot, especially with the longer clubs I am swinging harder at.

On the arthritis front, after playing 18 holes, normally my hand is fairly sore. Nothing major, as my case of arthritis is not severe, but noticeably sore. After 18 holes with the Bionic Glove, there was absolutely no soreness!


These are absolutely the best gloves I’ve ever tried. Even for those without arthritis, these are a must try! Unless you are playing in a USGA sanctioned event, there is no problem wearing these gloves for people without arthritis.

The only problem with these gloves is the price. They are $24.99. Currently, I spend between $11-$12 per glove (Footjoy SciFlex).

Bionic Glove-2

Over the next few weeks, however, I am going to continue to use the Bionic Glove to test durability. My current glove lasts about 3-4 weeks during of steady play/practice (4-5 times a week). I’ll be curious to see how long the Bionic Glove lasts. That longevity may make the price more reasonable.

I thank the people at Bionic Glove for the opportunity to test their glove. I absolutely love the product. If the price point is not a factor, I feel this is the best product out there.

Look for my follow up review in a few weeks after testing the Bionic Glove even more. I will report on durability and playability again then!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:02 am November 13, 2007
David Rees

These are great gloves, I have used them now for 2 seasons, great feel and durability, they last a real long time, do not think that I would ever use a different brand again, used to like the FJ spiders, they were good and durable , but not in the same league, you have to try these baby’s

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