So you’ve booked that trip to Bermuda. You can’t wait to hit the links at The Mid Ocean Club or Tucker’s Point…but then you’re overcome with fear as you consider the hassle involved in getting your clubs to your tropical destination. You jam most of your clubs into your flimsy travel bag, and hope that nothing gets damaged along the way. Then you are reminded of the nightmare ahead…the thought of fighting your bag the entire way to the ticket counter. In steps the Mammoth by Ogio

Ogio Mammoth-4

Here are some quick stats on the Mammoth:

  • Oversized fully padded top compartment for extra protection around the club heads
  • Easy entry opening with internal cinch-down straps to secure golf bag
  • Oversized crush resistant hat pocket
  • Removable shoe pocket with carry handle
  • Multiple grab handles
  • SLED [Structural Load Equalizing Deck] system for increased durability and handling
  • Four swivel wheels allow bag to roll easily while upright
  • Oversized off-road wheels for tilted roll

Why all the buzz? Simply put, the Mammoth makes golf travel mindlessly simple. A firm-yet-flexible construction helps this durable bag stand upright, while four spinning wheels turns it into a veritable dance partner – gliding forward and backward, or side to side with the simple touch of a finger. And the pièce de résistance? A detachable shoe bag that comes with you while your caddy whisks away the rest of your gear.


The Mammoth certainly lives up to it’s name, it is quite an enormous bag. My little Ogio Grom stand bag fits nice and snug within the confines of the Mammoth, buckled in with several hefty straps. I do not have a staff/cart bag to try to stick in there, but I assume most would fit in there just fine. Now, that being said, the bag is not unmanageable. As you may have read in the Background, the Mammoth is loaded with handles…seriously, just about anywhere you’d want to grab onto this bag…there is a beefy handle.

Ogio Mammoth-3 Ogio Mammoth-6

My Mammoth Travel Bag came in the Petrol color scheme. There is also a Fire color scheme which may be easier to notice at the over-sized luggage pickup area, but I think the bag looks pretty sharp in either setup. The heavily padded top portion of the bag also inspires plenty of confidence when packing up your precious clubs. True, it isn’t a ‘hard case’, so you’re not getting 100% protection, however, unless a bunch of drunk college guys are handling your bags at the airport, I find it hard to believe much damage could be done to them.

Ogio Mammoth-11 Ogio Mammoth-1


So, when it comes to a travel bag, there are two critical factors for me: 1) will my driver fit in the bag, 2) is it easy to travel with? In both cases, my answer is a resounding yes. My 45.5″ driver fits into the bag with ease. My last travel bag, I couldn’t fit the driver in the bag, unless I took it out of the stand bag first, and laid it alongside. Obviously, with a graphite shaft, you worry that the bag will be dropped the wrong way, or god knows what. In this case, the Mammoth devours my bag and driver, with no stress or strain placed on the driver shaft.

Now, when it comes to ease of travel…wow. Most travel bags have two large skateboard style wheels on the bottom of the bag, this lets you drag the bag around at an angle. This is a pain in the you know what…especially when you’re standing in line…or trying to navigate escalators. The Mammoth is fitted with these two large wheels, but it is also fitted with 4 caster style wheels which let the bag stand on one end (as in the pictures below). Once standing, wow…you can push this bag around with one finger. It rolls with such ease. This makes standing in line at the ticket counter a breeze. No more stopping, dropping…shuffling forward…looking at the guy glaring at your bag behind you. If I had to pick one great feature of this bag, it would be these casters. I loved the idea of the Club Glider (from Fore Inventors Only), but this takes it to another level of ease and convenience.

Ogio Mammoth-9 Ogio Mammoth-8

One of the coolest little features of the bag is the removable shoe bag. One of the pockets on the front of the bag is large enough to accommodate your shoes, and then can be zippered out and removed from the bag. With my current travel bag, I stick my shoes somewhere in the bag, and have to remember to either grab them when I drop off my bag, or end up having to ask the guy taking care of the clubs to go back and get them for me. In this case, when you drop off your bag, just zip that little bag out, and presto, you’ve got your shoes. There is another little mesh area in the shoe bag that can store some other items as well, perhaps your cellphone, wallet, or other small items when you are playing. Just put your regular shoes in the bag, zip it up, and drop it in the little basket on the cart, and you’re good to go.

Ogio Mammoth-7 Ogio Mammoth-10

In the picture above/right, you see a little strange dome piece. Strange, right? Yeah, it’s actually a semi-rigid dome where you can store your hats…Wow. Yeah, I generally just shove my hats into my carry on bag, and by the time I get to my destination, they are a scrunched up mess. This little dome takes care of that problem! Ogio claims it is ‘crush resistant’. Of course, if you have ever owned a ‘water resistant’ watch, you understand that doesn’t mean you can take it to 300m deep. I’m sure the ‘crush resistant’ hat dome does a wonderful job in typical situations, but I wouldn’t try running a Humvee over it and expect a wrinkle free hat to emerge!


If you like to travel with your golf clubs, do yourself a favor and check out the Mammoth. If you’re dragging around one of those flimsy, 2mm thick canvas bags, you don’t know what you’re missing. I know I’ll feel much better about the health and safety of my clubs on my next vacation.

Ogio Mammoth-12 Ogio Mammoth-2
Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:57 am November 5, 2007
mediaguru at

OGIO RULES. My MONSTER travel case is awesome…

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:45 am January 18, 2008

Do you know if OGIO will replace my caster wheel that broke on my last trip or should I send it back to them for repair? Last week I was coming back from a trip with my Mammoth and all was good, when I went to pick up my bag from oversized luggage they had broken one of my casters off. I showed it to the baggage handlers and they said “Sorry, those wheels are exposed and something must have hit them”. What is the warranty? Do you know if I have to pay for shipping?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:23 am January 18, 2008


Give OGIO customer service a call (1-800-922-1944) or drop them an email, they are pretty good about these things, I am sure they’ll help you out!


Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:34 pm August 13, 2008

Do you recall if there’s a way to lock this bag? I recently had a digital camera stolen from a checked bag, so I’m worried about checking GPS range finders, etc.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:21 pm August 14, 2008


You could purchase a ‘TSA Approved’ lock for the bag. There are two zippers that open the main bag area, so one could get a luggage lock for that. Just google ‘tsa approved luggage lock’, should come up with a lot of results.

That’s about all I could think of to suggest!


Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:25 am March 25, 2009

FYI OGIO’s customer service email has been changed to

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