For the past few weeks I have had an Adams Golf A3 Boxer Hybrid in my bag. The club is a 4 iron (22*) replacement, fit with a Grafalloy Pro Launch Red (Hybrid) shaft. I haven’t had much of a chance to play a hybrid in this loft in the past, as I really love to hit my 4 iron off the tee, but this club has been a nice surprise.

Adams a3 Boxer Head Cover

As always, let’s start with a little information from the club manufacturer:

Introducing Boxer Technology,™ the latest breakthrough in hybrid shaping and performance—from the innovation leader, Adams Golf. You’ll get a straighter and longer ball flight with these new hybrids—thanks to the ultra-high MOI of Boxer Technology.

Club Features

  • Category leading MOI of 3350 results in easy to hit shots that are more forgiving, straighter and longer. 30% to 70% higher MOI than the leading hybrids.
  • Low and deep center of gravity for easy to hit shots.
  • Maraging steel, pull-face delivers our highest hybrid
  • COR for increased ball speed with improved sound.
  • Milled face grooves offer more consistency and performance.
  • A cambered sole designed to cut through turf interference, gets the ball up and into the air with a consistent smooth feel on every swing.
Adams a3 Boxer Hybrid

Look and Feel

As you can see from the pictures, the A3 Boxer is a pretty sharp looking club. The sole of the club has a little flash to it and from address, while slightly high tech looking, the overall effect is more subtle. The pictures of the club in this review were taken after a few rounds and trials at the range. So you’ll notice some scuff marks, rock marks, little impressions on the leading edge from trying to launch balls out of a waste bunker at Sand Barrens. Generally, I am not a huge fan of very busy clubs, but this one doesn’t go too far over the edge. If you are looking for a cleaner look at address, you may want to check out the Adams Pro Hybrids, which are as clean as they come.

The A3 Boxer has a nice solid feel at impact. If you read our review of the BUL Fairway Wood, Anthony made a comment about a heavy feeling. The feel at impact with this hybrid is quite similar. When solidly struck, you feel as if you have absolutely crushed the ball. Off center hits are not penalized with a harsh feel. Some may view this as a positive, some a negative. I’ll talk to this more in the performance, but the off center hits generally turned out quite nice.

The club feels very solid and stable through out the swing. The sound at impact is quite pleasing, and you do not get any of the ‘whistling’ you may get with hybrids with weight inserts (ever hit a TM Rescue Dual?).

Adams a3 Boxer Clubface

One very neat thing about this club is the club head cover. It’s just a little slip on guy that just covers the club head itself, not the neck. It looks quite sharp, and snaps on in a jiffy. I was worried at first that it would be easy to lose, but that sucker stays on the club nicely. There’s a picture a little further down the page.


As with any hybrid, you’re looking for versatility and added forgiveness over the traditional iron you are replacing. Off the tee, I’m not really looking for more distance from an iron replacement, I’m looking for more consistency and more trajectory options. With the A3 Boxer, hitting a high, penetrating draw off the tee was an absolute piece of cake. The trajectory with the A3 Boxer is much flatter than that of my traditional 4 iron, and was it proved to be much easier to hit a consistent draw. It also happened to go at least 10 yards further than my 4 iron, which, well, now we are into a 3 iron replacement, but with the trajectory of a 5 iron. I’m going to have to mess around with yardage calculator!

Adams a3 Boxer Head Cover

The A3 Boxer does a nice job of cutting through the rough when you are presented with such a lie. Just take a nice controlled iron swing, and boom, the ball will get up quickly as the hybrid slices through the thick stuff. Performance was pretty similar to any other recent hybrid I have played, I really didn’t notice much of a difference, other than the fact that I haven’t really hit any poor shots out of the rough with this club yet.

The high shots, to the left were quite easy. Controlled fades, a little more difficult. This is probably due to a little offset, and I am sure a little bias toward the left side. That is fine, I am sure most people looking at this club are probably looking to get rid of the right side of the course!

I hit a few punch shots with this club as well, which resulted in a nice lower running shot. Actually hit a nice little running draw out from under some trees that turned out quite nice. Very easy to do, and again, great solid feel off the club face.

Adams a3 Boxer Address

As you can see from the pictures I played out of some waste bunkers on several occasions with this club. While the club may not have enjoyed it, aesthetically, I certainly was pleased with the results out of these rocky/big sand grain bunkers.


For the most part, as long as you put a nice, controlled swing on this club, you’re going to get a high, straight shot. The crazy high MOI really helps in that regard. So if you are looking for a very easy to hit, keep it in the short stuff hybrid…look no further, give an A3 Boxer a try. I may have to look at adding a 16* version of this club to use as my safety driver. If you’re looking to work the ball, you may want to have a look at the highly regarded Adams Pro Hybrid, just keep in mind, with that added workability comes bigger slices on the mis hits.

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Posted at 10:26 am November 17, 2007
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