For the past 3 weeks I have been playing with a Heavy Putter B3-M. If you read my review of the GEL Diamond Putter, you know how enamored I was with that particular putting machine. I was putting lights out for quite some time with the GEL Diamond, but it was time to have a look at the Heavy Putter, and see if it could knock the Diamond out of the bag.

A CNC milled putter with a non-reflective gray matte finish and a satin shaft. This is a mallet putter that is face balanced and has a double bend heel shafted hosel configuration with a half shaft of off-set. The head weighs 475 grams and there is a 250 gram weight in the grip end of the shaft that creates a balance point that is 75% higher up the shaft than a conventional putter. The overall weight is 900 grams. This putter comes with a new WINN custom designed grip.

Heavy Putter Club Face

900 grams…yes…heavy is the word. In addition to the hefty putter, the box included a stylish putter head cover (with a magnetic flap to secure it) as well as a weight set that one can use to tweak the putter weight. I am using the default weight, though, I may tinker with that soon to see if I can reduce my occasional tendency to pull the ball. The B3-M (a matte finish, heel shafted putter) putter I have been testing is a 33″ variety. The GEL Diamond was 34″, and my previous putter was 35″…slowly I have been shrinking down…getting quite close to the ball. I recommend trying this if you’re playing a longer putter.

Heavy Putter Grip

Look and Feel

So yes, the obvious statement about Feel…it is HEAVY. No question about it, it will add a little weight to your golf bag. This, however, is NOT a bad thing. The added weight really takes your wrists/hands out of the equation. It is very hard to try and manipulate the putter with your hands with all that weight. If you’re worried about it being too heavy to swing, fret not. You’ll find yourself using your shoulders and core more to pendulum swing the club, and before too long it will really feel like nothing. Your hands/arms will just go along for the ride, and hit nice and through the golf ball.

Heavy Putter

I love the look of the club. The matte finish is sharp. The alignment aid, I was a little worried about at first, but it sets up quite nice. The two rails at the back of the putter line up just on the outside of your ball. So generally I line up the ball with an intermediate target, then align the alignment aid (or my own line) on the ball with the back lines of the putter. Has been a bit of a change from my last two putters (which had more distinct lines or alignment aids on the back of the putter), but it has worked out pretty well….now if I could just get my reads right! :)

Heavy Putter

The last few putters I have played with have had an putter face insert of some sort (AGSI or the GEL insert). So, I have grown accustomed to the feel of the ball off those soft, skid reducing inserts. Switching back to a milled face putter was definitely interesting. I love the feel off a putter face like this when you have put a good putting stroke on the ball. With the heavy weight of the putter pulling you along, I have felt that awesome feeling a lot more often. So, not only does the putter feel pretty darn nice, I think it serves as a pretty nice putting training system as well, really pulling you along toward a smoother putting stroke.


Putts inside 8 feet were deadly from the beginning. My first time out with this putter I had a round of 25 putts, which was pretty remarkable. The only thing I struggled with, with this putter, was longer distance putts. With the weight, it has been a bit of a learning experience. In the past, on longer putts, I probably got my hands/forearms more involved in the swing, the really get the putter moving. With this putter, that really isn’t practical or possible. So, you end up turning more, ending up with a much smoother, longer putting stroke. This is probably a great thing for my game, but it requires some practice and re-learning your pace on long putts. At least for me, that’s how it has worked out. Again, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, it just requires some practice.

Heavy Putter Head Cover

A couple rounds I had putt counts in the 34-37 range, which were the result of a lot of lengthy putts on fast…beat up late summer greens. I certainly wouldn’t blame it on the putter. A combination of lack of confidence on the longer putts and bad reads on ball marked up greens was the root cause really.

Heavy Putter Head Cover

Again, as I mentioned, short putts…this putter is absolutely deadly. Inside 3 feet, forget about it. With the weight taking your hands really out of the equation, the shakiness on shorter length putts really disappears. If you struggle with yips or getting nervous over putts that length, definitely give this putter a try.

Side note, neat little feature of this putter. The little cutout ball area on the back, if you press this over your ball on the green or wherever, it will ‘grip’ onto the ball and pick it up for you…no need to bend over and pickup the ball when you’re on the practice green. It’s also easy to slide the back of the putter under the ball, and have it roll into one of those holes and stick there for easy pickup. Little goofy, but I thought it was pretty neat!


I am pretty sure this putter will help most anyone sink more short range putts. Your twitchy hands will be out of the equation, and your confidence on these putts will quickly soar. So often, I have found myself thinking…this is a gimme…from 5 feet out. I just know it’s going in the cup. Give yourself time to learn to judge the pace on lag putts, and this putter will become a deadly weapon in your hands. With the added weight kit, you can completely customize this club and help rid your game of any tendency to pull or push putts. But like I said earlier, if nothing else, this putter could be looked at as a wonderful training aid. If for some crazy reason you decide you want a different putter (perhaps you’re a Scotty club ho), I think you’ll probably find yourself coming back to the Heavy Putter, if for no other reason than to smooth out your putting stroke.

Heavy Putter Sole

Check out the Heavy Putter website or your local golf store and at least take a few swings wit the Heavy Putter when you have the chance.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:41 pm November 8, 2007

Just saw that Heavy Putter is coming out with a new line called the Deep Face Series. I’ve had great results with my Heavy Putter, so I can’t wait till this comes out. I love the new designs and I’m excited to see the new technology in action!

Their website has all the details.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:17 pm December 22, 2008
gary shaw

Ihave been using the B3 Heavy Putter for the past 2 seasons and like it very much. I use the medium weights. I really have a hard time understanding why more golfers are not using these.

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