The following review of the Adams Insight BUL Fairway Wood was written by a friend of The Deep Rough, Anthony Cornetto. We hope you enjoy the review, and we’re looking forward to more equipment reviews from him in the future.


I primarily use my 3 wood off of the tee (as I think is true for most golfers), but I wanted something that was at least serviceable off of the deck. I was playing a Sonartec SS1.5 with 15.5* of loft, and I decided to try the Adams Insight BUL. I read about the technology behind the head, and with the Pro Launch Red shaft, I was hoping it would not balloon. Here is the information about the club from Adams’ website.

Loft: 15*
Lie: 58*
Length: 43″
Swingweight: D2-D3
Shaft: Grafalloy ProLaunch Red (75g)

The Material Advantage

When you hit the new Insight BUL Fairway Wood, you immediately understand why the right materials are so important to fairway wood design and construction.

It’s hot and incredibly forgiving.

  • High COR and Low CG achieves the hottest ball flight of any fairway wood.
  • Titanium face and crown brazed to a stainless steel body – the first and only fairway wood manufactured this way.
  • Highest MOI in its class results in maximum forgiveness and easy to hit shots.
  • Patented Upside-Down Technology delivers more stability at impact.

Look & Feel

This club sets up very nice at address. The face is a little deeper than some 3 woods, but that’s what I was looking for as most times it’s used off the tee. Like most adams clubs, it has a grey colored face which I think breeds confidence, as the face looks to even have more loft on it than it does. It definitely appears to sit square, which is also a plus for someone like me who doesn’t know the right side of the golf course exists.

The picture at address makes the club look closed, but it certainly not when setup with 2 hands on the club instead of one on the club and one on the camera phone.

On center hits, the club has a very HEAVY feeling. It feels like the ball has just been CRUSHED and is on the face for a long time. On mishits, you can tell you did not hit it squarely, and you get a slightly lower ballflight. However, the distance appears to be the same. I was able to tell I hit it off the heel or the toe fairly easy. For a forgiving club, there is good feel here.


This is where I was shocked. I expected a fairly low launch with the Pro Launch Red in play. My first swing was off the tee on a 385 yd par 4, downhill and a little downwind. For reference, I hit my 2 hybrid off the tee like I usually do on this hole, and it ended up about 5 yds longer than where I usually am because of the wind. I then teed up the BUL. The head, even though it’s deep, gives you the impression you should tee it slightly low, so I did. I hit it dead square, and got that “heavy” feeling I was talking about before. There is a bunker on the left side of the fairway that I wasn’t even thinking of, and when the ball drew slightly I figured it was in it. Nope! It carried it easy. I never think of that bunker (that’s why I hit the 2 hybrid to take it out of play), so I got my rangefinder and hit the back of the bunker at 258. I was 16 paces beyond the bunker. I teed up another and hit it right besides the first one.

While I was walking down, I stopped at the 265 plate and dropped a ball. It’s flat at this point to the green. I had a front flag, and zapped it at 253. I hit one off the deck, and it felt a little off the neck of the club. It came off lower, and a little left, but it ended up pin high.

I found the launch angle on all these shots to be much higher than expected. Into the wind, the ball had a tendency to balloon a little which surprised me. I am going to give the Red a little more time in the club, but I can see me reshafitng this with something that is a little more low spin (VS Proto?!)


This club is going to stay in my bag for a little while. After 1 session, I feel more comfortable with it than I did my Sonartec SS1.5 I had for over a year and a half. The shaft has some nice feel, but may spin a little much, but I want to see if that was just a 1 day thing. The setup is absolutely beautiful, so I am confident when I step over it. I usually struggle with a fairway wood off the deck, but this one was easy to hit off the deck from the first swing. I look forward to having this in the bag at least a little while. It’s certainly the best 3W I’ve ever hit, but I’ve NEVER liked a 3W in my life. The only question is do I play with the 3W or do I put another wedge in. At my home course, a 3W is not needed much. On the holes I’d use it off the tee, I could get away with my hybrid 2. However, this club could let me be a little more aggressive off the tee without sacrificing accuracy!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:31 pm November 5, 2009
Happy Camper

Likewise, I was pretty shocked with the results I got with my one of these. LONG hitting and terribly easy to hit, off either the tee (where you need to tee it low) or off the fairway, where it goes brilliantly. The one I bought came with the stock Aldila shaft and I haven’t had any trouble with it going too high, though. I really liked the trajectory and the feel at impact and I LOVED how long it hit the ball. Great job Adams.

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