Bogey Killer by Michael J. Dikun is an eBook geared toward people looking to get themselves from shooting in the 90s or 100s to being capable of breaking 80. Breaking 80 is no small feat, as he mentions, less than 1% of golfers are capable of doing so. Michael claims that by reading his book and practicing the drills laid out, you will be able to start breaking 80 in a matter of weeks.

The book covers the following areas in detail:

  • The Grip – He advocates a Strong Grip
  • Setup, Stance, Posture and Alignment
  • The Takeaway – He offers a great little drill for nailing this
  • Backswing
  • Impact
  • Follow Through
  • Course Management

He also provides a detailed 4 week practice guide that will, no doubt, get you hitting the ball more solid very quickly. Some of the drills are pretty common, some of them I have not seen before and have been quite helpful to me (particularly drills pertaining to the takeaway). Some of the advice given I have not taken, like the strong grip he promotes. For me, personally, I already hit a slight draw with a pretty neutral grip. If I try the grip suggested here, I end up overcooking things, and hit some vicious hooks. However, if you currently battle a slice (like most people out there), this grip will definitely get you on your way to hitting the ball straight, or even a little right to left.

His backswing drills have helped me confirm that I’m doing things the right way. Turning, not sliding. And I got a few more drills for working on my impact position. My major problem these days is trying to turn too far (which he discusses), to the point where I take the club way beyond the line, and end up pushing the ball. If I stick to turning to the point where my shoulders stop…I generally strike the ball pretty well.

As an added incentive, Michael offers free personal help via email (which I did take advantage of, asking a few questions about the grip, etc) and a free video lesson to anyone who purchases the book. He is also working on putting together a chipping and putting book, that will be made available free to those who buy his current book.

If you find yourself confused by the golf swing, slicing everything or not getting the distance you think you should be getting: Do yourself a favor and check this book out. The lessons in the book are written in a way that is very easy to understand and are augmented by numerous well marked photographs of Michael performing the action or drill. The drills themselves are very straight forward, and if you put the time in to give them a try, I’m sure you’ll see an improvement in your game. So check it out and start killing some bogeys.

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