Tired of replacing your cheap golf brush? Sick of being poked by the bent brass bristles of your worn down brush? Do you dream of a day when you could actually clean your clubface more than 5 inches away from your golf bag? The BrushPro invented by Jeremiah Bohannon at Frogger is a remarkable new brush design that addresses these issues and more!

Introducing BrushPro* by Frogger—a groundbreaking golf tool that ensures maximum backspin, distance, and accuracy. Always at hand and easy to use, this innovative and ergonomically designed brush allows you to clean club faces and shoe spikes in seconds. It’s a must have for golfers who want to take their best shot.

For $14.99, the BrushPro package includes:

  • The BrushPro with Comfort-Fit Handle
  • The Retractable Lead
  • A Replaceable Nylon Brush Head (for Forged Irons)
  • A Replaceable Nylon/Bronze Brush Head (for Cast Irons)
  • A Replaceable Groove Cleaner
  • An Attachable Brush Head Holder
  • Available in Four Vibrant Colors: orange, blue, red and gray

Look and Feel
The BrushPro’s slightly rubberized ‘comfort-fit’ handle fits in your hand nicely. I have done a fair amount of groove cleaning with the BrushPro at this point, and never once have I felt my hands fatigued, cramped or otherwise in any form of discomfort from use. The retractable lead’s tension is absolutely perfect. A slight tug and the BrushPro is ready to wipe the bad shots away from your clubface. When you are done, the brush snaps right back to your bag.

I am not sure how many of you are concerned about matching the color of your brush to the color of your bag, but the blue colors of the BrushPro matched those of my Ogio bag quite nicely. All in all, it is a high quality looking product that looks great on your bag. It certainly puts the $5 brass brush I bought at Golfsmith to shame. Another neat little feature of the BrushPro is a little plastic container which can be attached to the BrushPro and will hold a spare brush head.

Frogger Golf BrushPro
The Frogger BrushPro

I have used both the Nylon brush head and the combo Nylon/Brass brush head. The nylon is intended for use on soft or forged irons and has worked great on my Mizunos. It works well at getting fresh dirt out of the grooves without doing damage to the clubface. The Nylon/Brass brush head is even better when used on my cast wedges. One thing I cannot stand about the old Nylon/Brass combo brush I had in the past was that the Brass section of the brush would get caught up in my towel, or my shirt, or poke holes in my fingers. The way the BrushPro head is setup, the brass pieces are shorter than the nylon pieces and are located in the middle of the brush head. So there is nothing to catch your towel, shirt or fingers on. Awesome stuff!

Cheap Typical Brush Design

When you are presented with some stubborn dirt, or have neglected your grooves for some time, the groove cleaner proves itself to be quite handy. The groove cleaner fits into the grooves nicely, slides along the groove smoothly and makes quick work of dirt and sand stuck in your grooves. Generally, however, I have not had to use it often, as the Brush section seems to get most everything out. I was slightly worried about the long term effects of the groove cleaner on my forged iron grooves…will it dull the edges? I am not sure, but I’ll just stick to cleaning the clubface after each shot with the nylon brush. Don’t you want your grooves clean before each shot anyway?

Frogger Golf BrushPro
Groove Cleaner & Replaceable Brush Head

One of my first concerns with the BrushPro was the clip mechanism. There is a somewhat flimsy looking clip that attaches the BrushPro’s retractable lead to your golf bag. I opened the clip and said…uh oh…this is going to snap. But I’ll be damned, I’ve done all I could try to do to get the thing to break, and have been unsuccessful. Jeremiah at Frogger assured me that all of the BrushPro components were built with industrial strength components, he even encouraged me to try and break the device. I’ve attached and detached the BrushPro from my bag and the belt loops in my shorts numerous times and there are no signs of weakness. Kudos Frogger, you certainly have an industrial strength golf brush on your hands!

Frogger Golf BrushPro
Retractable Lead and Clip

I have owned a few golf brushes in my time and nothing has compared to the ease of use and comfort provided by the BrushPro. The retractable lead is nothing revolutionary, but it certainly is well executed and a nice touch. The Nylon/Brass brush head and the fact that the brush heads and groove cleaner are replaceable, on the other hand, is something I have not seen in the past. Put this together with the great looking design and Frogger has a winner on their hands.

Don’t think you need to clean the grooves from your clubs? Have a look at what happened to my Callaway X-Tour Wedge over time as I failed to keep the grooves pristine between shots.

Do your clubs and yourself a favor and pickup your BrushPro today from Frogger Golf for just $14.99!

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I love my brush pro.

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