Are you looking for ridiculous amounts of spin from your wedges? Do you want to be able to play multiple shots with the same club? Eidolon Golf is offering, quite possibly, the ultimate set of short game tools money can buy. Not only do the wedges impart an insane amount of spin on the ball, but they give you multiple bounce options with the same club. Want to spin the ball out of a fluffy bunker lie? No problem, open the club face and all the bounce you need is there. Need to hit a low spinner from the fairway? Easy, square the club face up, and you don’t have to worry about the high bounce wedge jumping off the ground or digging.


Eidolon’s V-Sole Technology makes this possible:

First of all, you’ll find that the leading edge never digs into the turf. No more trenching! Also, with the two bounce angles working together, each of these wedges functions perfectly from bunkers, rough and other areas where a high bounce is desirable. In no time at all, you’ll learn how to “dial in” just the right amount of bounce for any shot you face.

Now what about the spin? Eidolon Golf claims their wedges take full advantage of the currently allowed groove limits by the USGA.

Mass marketwedges have grooves that are either cast or stamped into the head. When the face is polished, the grooves might end up being as little as 70% of what the Rules of Golf say you could have had.

To boot, the wedge faces are CNC milled to be perfectly flat and provide further bite with tiny mill marks across the face. You can read more about the spin of Eidolon Wedges here.

Look and Feel

I have been playing with an Eidolon 56 degree wedge for about a month now and have completely fallen head over heels for this club. As you can see in the pictures in this post, the club is absolutely beautiful…how could you not fall in love?

The clubhead shape is similar to that of my Mizuno irons. I also have a Cleveland Golf, CG11 52 degree wedge, which has a very different shape. Far too rounded. I have never really felt comfortable with that club. But with the Eidolon wedge it just felt right the first time I hit balls with it. What a great feeling!


The weight and balance of the club is just right as well. Perfect for an all purpose sand wedge. Heavy enough to give you enough confidence to get through the thick stuff, yet not so heavy that you do not feel as if you can use it from the fairway comfortably.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times here on The Deep Rough, I absolutely adore the feel of Mizuno irons. So finding a set of wedges with the same kind of feel has been difficult. Sure, I could just go with Mizuno wedges, but when I have tried them out in the past, I have not been overly impressed. The Eidolon Wedge has great feel for a cast club. Cast of 8620 Carbon Steel, the feel is quite soft. Not quite the same as the Mizunos, but very responsive.


Wow. Crazy spin. Previous to the Eidolon 56*, I was playing a Callaway X-Tour MD 58*. That club could spin the ball, but it would also completely shred my golf balls. The grooves also seemed to wear out rather quick. The first few months, I had everything spinning all over the place, but gradually that wore off, and I had to start playing the ProV1s if I wanted the ball to come back. I have not had the same problem with the Eidolon. My golf ball covers seem to stay more intact. Spin out of the sand, off the fairway, out of the rough…it’s all amazing. At least as good, if not better than the X-Tour. The great thing is, I have switched to using less expensive, lower spinning, Callaway HX-Hot golf balls. I can still get the ball to stop on a dime if need be…and at the same time, I have less spin off the tee.

Eidolon Grooves

The other great advantage of this club is the V-Sole. When I first got the club, I really hadn’t given bounce much thought. I just always remembered my 58 (11 bounce) wedge digging or bouncing off the fairway or tighter lies. With the V-Sole, wow. Not only have I figured out how to hit these shots with the same club I use out of a bunker, but I’ve gained a much better understanding of bounce in general, and how much to use and in what types of conditions. Ask anyone I play with regularly, and they’ll definitely tell you that my short game has improved tremendously over the past month.

That’s not to say I took the club out of the box and instantly was hitting better shots. It takes work and practice. However, I believe the Eidolon was just the tool I needed to help me better understand my short game and work on it.

80-115 yard shots from the fairway have been phenomenal as well. I have been laser accurate at times, getting the ball to stop on a dime. Included with each club, Eidolon Golf provides a book on the SCOR system. This simple system helps you understand your club distances and provides an easy to use method of creating several consistent/repeatable yardages with the same club. It takes time and a lot of practice to completely understand your distances, but once you have invested that time you will always know which club to use and where to grip down in order to hit that 73 yard shot.


I must thank Terry Koehler, aka The Wedge Guy, for letting me get my hands on this amazing piece of equipment. I do not normally give such glowing reviews to golf equipment, but this truly has been a game changing experience. I am sure I will be replacing my 52 degree CG11 with an Eidolon 52 in no time…then once I have mastered that club, perhaps I’ll look at adding a 60 degree wedge as well!

If you have not had a chance to check out Eidolon Golf, definitely do so. With a 100% money back guarantee you really can’t go wrong with the club. Give it a try, I am sure you’ll be impressed. To top it off, the people over at Eidolon have setup a 10% discount for Deep Rough readers on all of their wedges. Simply follow this link and order your wedge and you will receive 10% off the order.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:50 am June 18, 2007

Great too see another satisfied user.

I have an entire set and would give up any other club EXCEPT my wedges.

The SCoR System has also made scoring from 125 and in a LOT easier and it did it quickly.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:59 pm October 22, 2007

By the way,

I called the USGA and found out that Gell putters do not conform to the rules according to Carter Rich of the USGA.

Thought you might be interested in THAT!


Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:52 am October 23, 2007

Philip, not sure what the GEL putter has to do with this Eidolon Wedge?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:17 am April 29, 2008

the eidolon wedges are the most amazing club i have ever put in my bag. anyone thinking about trying them should have the club built for you though.if you can find a clubmaker in your area have him/her get your specs and just have them build one club for won’t be dissapointed you might even be shocked

Harvey Specter
Posted at 6:12 am December 14, 2010

I started with the 56 3 yrs ago and ended up buying all 4 since then (48,52,56,60). My short-game has improved to the point where I am more than happy to pull out a wedge as I consider the shot to be as good as money. My wedges are easily the most valuable clubs in my bag. As far as stopping the ball on a dime, it can be done fairly easily even with junk range balls.

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