Looks like I got my prize from the caption contest at oobgolf! Included in the little care package was this interesting looking new book by Alice Cooper – Golf Monster.

oobGolf - 0004

Certainly looks to be an interesting book. I’m heading to Utah later this week, so perhaps I’ll stuff it in the backpack for some airplane reading. The back jacket has a picture of Alice Cooper and Jesper Parnevik, so it must be a good read ;)

They also sent me a slew of oobgolf hats:


oobGolf - 0001


oobGolf - 0002


oobGolf - 0003

They look like great hats. I’ll be sure to sport one next time I hit the links. If you’re interested in doing some golf course reviews or spreading the word about oobgolf, join their Street Team and they will send you a hat for free.

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