One of our readers, a concerned one at that, posted a wonderful review of the Nike Sumo Driver in the comments of my Swing Thoughts post. I thought it would be best to turn this into a post so that it could stand on its own. Here we go, thanks Concerned Reader!

Well, here I am again. I purchased the Nike SQ SUMO Stiff Diamana: not the squared version. I couldn’t afford the SUMO 2 considering my monthly expenses. In Canada the SUMO 2 will set you back about $621 CAD.

The Nike SUMO is a very well designed club. The shaft is suited for my swing that has a quick tempo and a vicious down swing(115+MPH). It handles off center hits like a champ and sweet spot ticklers sound like screaming angels from the heavens. My father and I were having fun with this driver at our local Golf Dome during the long boring winter days. We both immediately noticed that the majority of off center hits went considerably straight, as in one that went right slowly pulled left and back on track. It absorbed most of the impact but it still retained the feel of last years Nike SQ. It doesn’t have the forgiveness of the SUMO 2 but it has much more playability which could be a bad thing for duffers.

After a detailed video swing analysis with the SUMO and a PGA Tour Pro: Dave Scinocca. I’ve found that the cause of my fade is due to not holding my ground with the lower half of my body. My knees wobbled side to side not posting my left leg on my follow through body turn. Unfortunately for me my family has been known for having bad knees. I’m working on curing this wobble for now. So far the drives with the Nike SQ SUMO are intense, the launch angle is rather aggressive consistently rising to the peak height and smoothly coming down. It’s just the rest of my game that I need to improve on now. I never blame my equipment for faulty shots on the course.

When you lightly swing this driver back and forth like a pendulum; it feels fast like the head just wants to move. Of course the shaft must be suited for your swing or any driver for that matter would feel awkward.

The only negative thing I have to say about the Nike SQ SUMO is the grip blows. It’s a Nike branded POS. The texture is very smooth and hard. So it slips in my hand at the moment of impact so I’m forced to grip it much harder which leads to a bit of an over swing. I think it’s an all weather grip. I will be replacing it with a Golf Pride DD2 grip that I purchased off off eBay at $82 for 13 grips CAD, that’s $6.30 per grip. I won’t be golfing in the rain anytime soon.

Other than that, depending on your swing this driver is a must buy tool that will add yards to your drive. I know it has added over 15 Yards to my average drive distance in just one swing. It’s definitely a much much much better club than something you can buy at a local sports store for $90.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:17 am August 13, 2007
Michael Bruyninckx

I’ve got a new Sumo too… not the square one, but the more bullet shaped one.
I’m pretty happy with my Sumo, I bought it with the blue Aldila VS Proto 65 shaft.
I think it’s an amazing driver, I haven’t had one before, but I hit some balls on a golffair.
By that time the new Callaway FT-i was too expensive, and the Nike Sumo just felt SOOOOO well, that I decided for the Nike.
Special thanks go to the guy at Ping who advised me the Aldila VS Proto 65 shaft for my driver.
I’ve a 36 handicap, but that’s mainly because I didn’t play a match yet this year, but I know I hit that little ball a whole lot further than 200m (the signs on the range go to 200m) with my Sumo, so that can’t be bad huh ?


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