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Pictures of the new Titleist 907D1 and 907D2

Tony @ Hooked on Golf has a couple pictures of the new Titleist 907D prototypes. Looks like Titleist has succumb to the sumo pressure…

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9 comments for “Pictures of the new Titleist 907D1 and 907D2”

  1. bit disappointing….. doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the 905r. Titleist are good at making traditional equipment and thats what they should stick to – leave the silly square ideas to nike

    Posted by seano | December 16, 2006, 4:11 pm
  2. i take it back http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=55767 they look soooooo much better in colour

    Posted by seano | December 16, 2006, 4:19 pm
  3. i wonder if they will be as “good” as the nike and callaway square drivers are said to be. cant wait to try them!!!

    Posted by merlin | December 17, 2006, 5:37 pm
  4. does anybody have any pictures of 907D2 alone???

    Posted by jeanleb | December 27, 2006, 5:40 pm
  5. yeah, check here jean

    907D2 Driver Head

    Posted by DeepRough | December 27, 2006, 7:00 pm
  6. when are they coming out on retail?

    Posted by jon | December 31, 2006, 4:50 am
  7. pretty nice
    just bought one today(D1)
    surprisingly more forgiving than any other
    drivers that I hit:
    ping g5
    Cleveland HiBore
    callaway FT1

    plus it doesn’t have that nasty sound that some of the
    newer drivers have

    Posted by chris | April 21, 2007, 6:47 pm

    Posted by mike | July 26, 2007, 7:07 am
  9. D2 BEST EVER!! It is funny to read the old comments and now that we relize this is the best driver to date. SImply added 10-20 yards off the tee and i already had decent distance and play with 4 handicp, too bad they dont make putters that read greens and control speed……

    Posted by Lane | August 7, 2007, 11:32 am

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