The folks over at Golf Blogger have put a great tool at Google to use. Using Google’s Search Engine, one can customize the ‘world’ that you can search. In this case, Golf Blogger has refined the search area to 40 specific golf blogs/sites (The Deep Rough being one of them…thank you!).

I had been using a related Google tool here to do this site searching, however the ‘Internet’ search always seemed useless to me. Now, I’ve taken a page from Golf Blogger’s book, and enabled the same type of searching on The Deep Rough. The search button (top right) will now only search to golf world. I’ve added every site that was on my blogroll to the search universe.

Hopefully it can help you find whatever it is you are looking for…

On a somewhat related note, if you haven’t seen Ms. Dewey..check it out, pretty amusing!

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