Date: 6/21/2006 – Sunny – 88 Degrees
Course: Bamm Hollow Country ClubRed

I had time to play 9 holes at Bamm Hollow after work last night, so we took off on the Red Course, from the White Tees. This would be the third time I have played with the Mizuno MX-23s. So, confidence is still a little slim with the irons, but, as it turned out, I hit some nice shots with them. Just need to hit the range more often with the long irons and develop some comfort level with the 4-6.

Hole 1 – 513 Yard – Par 5

This is a dogleg left hole that would require a 350 yard tee shot to reach the corner, so, one’s best bet is to keep it in the middle of the fairway. I of course, hit my tee-shot into the left rough, which leaves few options to reach in two, as there are some enormous trees blocking an attempt to cut that corner. So I attempted to punch a 5 iron to the middle of the fairway, at the dogleg corner. It came up a little short, so the trees were still a factor on my 3rd shot, but with about 145 left to the hole, I could pull the 9 iron and go over them. The blind 9 iron shot was not aimed well, and ended up in the left fringe of the green. A poor chip, then a two putt, led to a Bogey on this ridiculously easy to par hole. Unfortunate.

Score: 6 – 2 Putts

Hole 2 – 348 Yards – Par 4

On Red 2, you are presented with a blind tee-shot but can get away with a pretty awful Driver hit in either direction. Again, I pulled my tee-shot left leaving myself in some deep rough, but only 125 to the hole. A well placed PW shot, over some trees, landed about 15 feet from the flag. Two putts, and we have a par.

Score: 4 – GIR – 2 Putts

Hole 3 – 157 – Par 3

This well bunkered par 3 played about 160 today. Using an 8 iron, I hit a nice shot with a slight draw (unfortunately I was trying to fade it). I ended up about 25 feet from the pin, but was on the green! 2 putts later, and we have par #2.

Score: 3 – GIR – 2 Putts

Hole 4 – 361 Yards – Par 4

Hole 4 is a beautiful dogleg left hole with some water in play. I love this hole as I generally feel quite confident hitting my driver off the tee here. There are some quite high trees at the dogleg corner, but with the 12 degree R5, it’s easy to get over them. I hit one of my best drives of the day, cutting the corner with an easy, high draw, leaving myself about 80 yards to the green, in perfect position, flat lie, soft fairway. A wedge shot remained, using my 56 wedge, I hit the ball within 15 feet of the cup…again, decent, but I would love to get to the point where I can get myself within 8 feet in those situations. Again, 2 putts, Par.

Score: 4 – GIR – 2 Putts

Hole 5 – 375 Yards – Par 4

Hole 5 is a slight dogleg right. With out of bounds to the left, and the Hole 4 fairway to the right…I definitely do all I can to not hook it! Generally I find myself overswinging here, because I feel like when I swing too hard, my misses are generally a fade/pushed right. I’m not sure why that is, but that’s the case. So I lined myself up over the tree line to the right, in hopes of hitting a straight ball that would end up left/center fairway, or at worst a fade that would end up in the right rough/fairway. It was here that I hit my best drive of the day, perfectly straight bomb that ended up on the left side of the fairway, leaving me about 85 yards to the pin. Unfortunately, this green is enormous, and I was facing directly into the sun. (In hindsight, it may have been better to have been on the right side of the fairway, so I wasn’t facing directly into the sun). So I had a hard time aligning the shot, and hit my 56 wedge about 5-10 yards too far. I was about 40+ feet from the hole (though it was a GIR). An awful putt resulted in my ball rolling into the fringe…2 more putts to leave me with a Bogey. What a waste of a beautiful tee shot.

Score: 5 – GIR – 3 Putts

Hole 6 – 192 – Par 3

This long par 3 played even longer today, as the White tees were nearly to the tips. Playing more like 215, I decided on using my 16 degree Rescue club. I could probably use a 4 iron, but I wasn’t feeling so comfortable with the new MX-23 long irons. I tried to take an easy swing with the club, and apparently I was far too ‘relaxed’. Generally, I find if my grip pressure is too loose, I tend to hook/draw the ball…which is what happened. So, I ended up in the rough about 5-10 yards left of the green (pin high though). Took the 52 degree wedge, and hit a little pitch shot that rolled to about 10 feet from the hole. A nice putt, and we have a strange par.

Score: 4 – 1 Putt

Hole 7 – 412 Yards – Par 4 (Handicap #1 on Red)

This is a long dogleg left hole that requires a nice tee shot to have a reasonable approach. Trying to remember back to what I did on 4, I lined up for a draw, and I guess the club face wasn’t lined up right, as I pushed it right, with no left spin on the ball. I ended up in the first cut on the right side of the fairway, about 170 yards to the hole…with trees overhanging my position. This left little chance at going for the green, but silly me tried to anyway. I took a 5 iron, and tried to hit a knockdown shot to the green. Considering there is water in front of the green, I don’t know what I was thinking. I hit it thin, and it scooted along the fairway…and rolled…and rolled…and rolled into the water. Ok, 2 in, 3 out…hitting 4…I hit a 56 over the water, to within 2 feet of the! Tap in, we have a 5.

Score: 5 – 1 Putt – Water Penalty

Hole 8 – 450 Yards – Par 5

This is a ‘short’ par 5, but the landing area for a lengthy tee shot is quite small. There is a huge hazzard, then out of bounds to the left, and bunkers/trees to the right. At about 260-300 yards the fairway is probably only 15-20 yards wide. Of course, I still try to belt a perfect drive here, because I want that easy 9 iron approach shot. Stupid me. I put the ball in the hazard to the left. I couldn’t find it, but had a good idea of where it went in. I dropped at about 175 Yards, hiting 3, I decided to play a 7 iron that landed just short and right of the green. A chip, then 1 putt, and I escape with a 6. Again, silly, this should be an easy birdie.

Score: 6 – 1 Putt – Hazard

Hole 9 – 367 Yards – Par 4

This is a straight away finishing hole from a slightly elevated tee. The difficult part of this hole is the green, which slopes from back to front…and well side to side too…it’s impossible to putt from any distance on it. The pin was all the way at the back of the green. I hit a nice tee shot that started straight away, but had a fair amount of right-left spin on it, so I ended up, unfortunately, behind a tree in the left rough. A low, punched 5 put me about 3 yards in front of the green. A mediocre pitch put me 12 feet from to the cup, but left me a make-able uphill putt for par. I just missed it, another bogey, 2 putt.

Score: 5 – 2 Putts.

Total Score: 42 (+6) – 16 Putts

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