Jim Hardy has written a true masterpiece of golf instruction. His approach holds much more benefit for the amateur than the professional. In fact, the only reviews that are critical come from instructors or others who think they already know the golf swing. Unfortunately, like Atkins vs. Ornish, one method may work for one person, but be poison to another. Of course, every golf instruction article reads like it holds universal appeal for all golfers. Jim Hardy cuts through all the nonsense, mystery and confusion. He gives two sets of fundamentals and recommends that you choose one or the other; the worst thing you can do is mix and match the two sets of fundamentals in an endless search for some combination that will work.

Armed with the knowledge Mr. Hardy provides, you can even get something out of golf magazine articles (that usually contradict one another – sometimes within the same issue) because you can often tell whether they promote a one-plane or two-plane method. For example, anything ever written by Jim Flick makes perfect sense for two-plane players and is harmful for a one-plane player.

This is definitely a must have for anyone still confused by the mysteries of the golf swing.

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