Club: Nike SasQuatch 460 Ti Driver

Details: Aldila NV-65 Stiff Shaft, 9.5 Degrees

The SasQuatch is certainly an interesting looking golf club. I still remember when I first saw it on TV, watching some PGA event, and thought, my god, why would anyone want to hit a golf club that looked so awful. But slowly, the strange shape and bright, contrasting colors, grew on me, and I had to see how well it performed for myself.

A quick perusal through Ebay and I found myself a mint condition (well, they said mint, it did have a sky mark on it) SasQuatch for $230. A week later I had the golf club in hand, and off I went to the driving range. The first session with the SasQuatch was interesting. I am used to hitting my 12 degree R5, so dropping all the way down to 9.5, probably wasn’t the most intelligent decision. Nonetheless, I had been hitting the R5 so high, I figured I could get a more ‘wind friendly’ trajectory out of the 9.5..and I was right. What I didn’t consider was the left-right…right-left affect!

The club shaft is identical to that of my R5, so I was comfortable with the feel of the club very quickly. I like the Aldila NV-65, as it forces me to have a nice, smooth tempo. Overswinging with this shaft seems to put me out to the right quite often. But that’s fine, I shouldn’t be trying to hit it 110%. So no complaints about the shaft. The trajectory started off quite low, and stayed quite low with the 9.5 degree driver face.

I did like the sound of the SasQuatch on a solid hit. It was quite a menacing thwack.

Well struck balls went quite far, stayed quite low, and got a lot of run on the fairway. Unfortunately, this is no miracle piece of golf equipment, you still have to put a good golf swing on the ball if you want it to go where you are aiming. I had a lot of slices and hooks with this club at the range. A lot of it, I believe, had to do with what I believe was a general lack of feeling of where the club head was. The club seemed very light to me, couple that with the enormous headsize, and I always had a feeling of, what the heck am I swinging. Perhaps with a few more range sessions, I could get over that feeling…but I decided against investing that time, as I prefer the forgiveness, feel & length of the R5.

Ok, so after a few driving range sessions, I felt like I could take this interesting piece of golf equipment out on the course. And I did, twice. Both times I certainly had some bombed tee shots. But I never really had a good feeling about the club, and ended up with far too many misses…and lost balls. I just never had that feeling of confidence with the SasQuatch in my hands. I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s the shallower face? The lack of ‘weight’ to the club? Seriously, sometimes I just felt like I was swinging a fly swatter around..I could feel some wind resistance…but where was the club face?


I’m going to stick with my TaylorMade R5, as I feel quite comfortable with it these days, and have been hitting it extremely well. As much as I wanted to keep the SasQuatch, it looks like it will be finding its way back to eBay. I might have to look for a 10.5 degree R5 now though!

Marketing Mumbo Jumbo

Nike’s new Sasquatch driver is a great looking club. If you were going to buy a driver on looks alone, the Sasquatch might would be near the top of the list.

Nike has developed a new technology called Powerbow, which “adds a trailing volume of mass to apply more power and control to the ball without overstepping the 460cc limit.” This gives the driver the largest footprint in the game of golf. Powerbow is so revolutionary for making clubs they patented it. For the Sasquatch, they’ve moved the center of gravity lower and further back to give golfers more forgiveness and a larger sweetspot. When you look at the face of the club you’ll notice that Nike stayed with the nexTI that was used on the popular Ignite driver. Why change a good thing right?

For right-handed golfers, the driver is available in 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, Lucky 13°, and Sweet 16°. Unfortunately lefties are limited to 9.5°, 10.5°, and Lucky 13°. Lucky 13° and Sweet 16° are the exact terms used on the Nike Golf web site. The Sasquatch is built with a Diamana shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon.

Nike also matching fairway metals which look equally appealing. (which I did like!)

3/5 Balls
Deep Rough Rating: Worth a Try

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